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Description:p2p client, MorphOS port by Christian Rosentreter.
Developer/Porter:Christian Rosentreter
Short: p2p client, MorphOS port
Author: Christian Rosentreter <tokai@binaryriot.org>
Uploader: polluks sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Version: 3.0.0

Many of you have waited for this, a lot of you have nailed goats to the doors
and joined mystical cults to worship the dark forces just to make this alive
and kicking. I don't know where we're really going with this, but here it is
and after months of waiting for this new version I'm very proud to present:

MLDonkey 3.0.0 for MorphOS

__ introduction ________________________________________________________________

In ancient times a community of miscellaneous computer geeks were, from
ages long past dwelt the spirit of free and individual software. Back
then, the geeks from the different systems lived in harmony.

But as time went by most of these systems were destroyed by evil forces
and unavoidable superiority from the insignificant city of Redmond. The
users of those few that remained owed their full allegiance to the great
spirit of old times, remembering the days of unlimited freedom in the un-
fathomable space of the Internet.

Sadly also the Internet became more and more flooded by proprietary soft-
ware. It was no longer possible for the geeks to download free movies in
which huge tentacled monsters do things to Japanese schoolgirls (hey, they
still call that art!) from the web. But they saw it's possible if you join
the forces from Redmond, because a lot of gratis filesharing tools were
available for them.

After an incredible exodus of remaining geeks to the other side a few true
worshippers of the old spirits started to 'reverse-engeneer' the eDonkey
network using Pandora, an efficient protocol sniffer. Geeks do such things
sometimes and it was a very successful attempt resulting in the avail-
ability of the first open-source multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-
peer client, called MLdonkey.

Indeed, they haven't stopped after implementing the eDonkey protokol, they
also have added support for several other large networks, such as Over-
net, Bittorrent, Gnutella (Bearshare, Limewire, etc.), Gnutella2 (Share-
aza), Fasttrack (Kazaa, Imesh, Grobster), Soulseek, Direct-Connect and

Maybe you heard the saying: "The 'M' in Morphos stands for 'geek'." once?
Yes, it's true and we are much more geeky than the other geeks from Linux
and Co. Sadly it hasn't been possible for us ubergeeks to enjoy a port of
this geektool simply because nobody of us ubergeeks ported the damn thing.
So, a few months ago we locked CISC into a dingy cellar and told him he
couldn't come out until he finished the Objective-Caml port, which was a
required and important step for porting MLdonkey. We haven't heard from
him for a very long time, and we couldn't be bothered to check. But all of
a sudden he emerged from his dark dungeon. Fortunately (or maybe I should
better say: unfortunately) he had finished OCaml and surprisingly also

Even though most MorphOS users religiously avoid PC stuff like I avoid
people, we have now a possibility to join the community of warez and p0rn
peer-to-peer traders. Watch out Amigans and MorphOS users! PC cooties!!!

If you find CISC then thank him for this nifty port, sadly when I last saw
him he was running away screaming 'THE DARKNESS CONSUMES US! WE ARE ONE

Well, actually we've done this releases just for fun. The port is not
finished, it still misses a GUI (hey, isn't this more geeky than the Linux
version? Isn't it?). Also most of the 'Bonus' stuff was more or less been
done in a very creepy and probably unusable way. We're still on the look-
out for someone with some actual talent, so that we can all kick back and
boss him around. So if for some insane reason you wish to volunteer in
coding the MUI GUI then try to catch CISC on IRC or via eMail, else don't
bother him or he will run away again.

Anyway, here you can read all about this very port, hence the name of this
file: 'Read Me!'.

-- tokai

Upload Date:Jun 04 2016
Size:8 MB
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