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Description:E-UAE 1.0.0 JIT port by Fabien Coeurjoly.
Developer/Porter:Fabien Coeurjoly
This archive contains two versions of e-uae 1.0.0 JIT :

- e-uae.sdl : SDL version, requiring powersdl.library 14 or later. The SDL build supports P96 and on-the-fly screen/window switching, unlike native version.
It has also the new experimental GL display when sdl.use_gl is enabled, but it results in very poor performance compared to direct video access and
I didn't bother to fix endianess issues.

OSX must really have a slow direct video interface if opengl makes UAE faster. :)

- e-uae : native build, faster and supporting overlay output (use amiga.use_overlay = yes option in the config file to enable it).

Sample config files for typical setups are also included in Conf/. They can be used by typing e-uae -f <path to config file>.

For instance:
uae -f Conf/A1200.conf -0 an_A1200_game.adf

Are also included in Bonus/ some filetypes for Ambient that can be handly.
- a filetype to run ADFs from Ambient directly
- an experimental and probably unpolished filetype/script to run applications inside UAE from Ambient.

MorphOS port history :

- Updated with E-UAE JIT sources. See README for JIT options.

- Clone Ambient screen when using overlay, and consider screen ratio.
- Floppy file request window now appears on public screen.

Upload Date:May 14 2016
Size:3 MB
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