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Description:A tiny web tool made to get the MD5 and CRC32 checksum codes.
Developer/Porter:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: Omanko!
Version: 1.00
Kind: Web Tool
Plataform: MorphOS
Requeriments: None
Description: This tiny web tool made to get the MD5 and CRC32 checksum codes to
use in your web sites join the zip file to download, but also you
can use this tool to get the code for other jobs or if you want
compare the code with the file it it is correct.

You can get the checksum codes for all files and this program is
very easy to use.

You can Drag&Drop files in the program window and shows the MD5
and CRC32 checksum codes and you can save each code separately in
a different file.

The name Omanko is the japanese word of spanish word Coño, because
this word I said when I need one tool to get the MD5 checksum code
for my projects.

Available in these languages:
1. English. 2. Castellano. 3. Italiano.

- Initial realesed.

Upload Date:Jun 06 2020
Size:1 MB
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