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Description:DAAD Reborn Compiler Frontend
Developer:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: DAAD Reborn Compiler Frontend
Author: @uto_dev (Carlos Sánchez)
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: game/edit
Version: 0.14
Architecture: ppc-morphos
URL: https://github.com/daad-adventure-writer/DRC/wiki

DAAD Reborn Compiler Frontend 0.14 (C) Uto 2018-2020
Syntax: drf <target> [subtarget] <file.DSF> [output.json] [additional symbols]

file.DSF is a DAAD 0.14 source file.

<target> is the target machine, one of this list: ZX, CPC, C64, MSX, MSX2,
PCW, PC, AMIGA or ST. The target machine will be added as if there were a
'#define <target> ' in the code, so you can make the code depend on target

[subtarget] is an parameter only required when the target is ZX, MSX2 or
PC. Will define the internal variable COLS, which can later be used in DAAD
processes. For MSX2 values can be 5_6, 5_8, 6_6, 6_8, 7_6, 7_8, 8_6 or 8_8.
The first number is the video mode (5-8), the second one is the characters
width in pixels (6 or 8). For PC values can be VGA, EGA, CGA or TEXT. For
ZX the values can be PLUS3, ESXDOS or NEXT. Please notice subtarget for ZX
is only relevant if you use Maluva, if you don't use it or you don't know
what it is, choose any of the targets, i.e. plus3

[output.json] is optional file name for output json file, if missing, drf
will just use same name of input file, but with .json extension.

[additional symbols] is an optional comma separated list of other symbols
that would be created, so for instance if that parameter is "p3", then
#ifdef "p3" will be true, and if that parameter is "p3,p4" then also #ifdef
"p4" would be true.

Upload Date:Aug 07 2020
Size:325 KB
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