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Description:This pack allows you to quickly obtain a complete environment preconfigured containing a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS 3.17.
Developer/Porter:Many developpers
New version of Chrysalis package for MorphOS 3.17.

This pack allows you to easily and quickly obtain a completely pre-configured and enhanced MorphOS installation.
It contains a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS.
The ISO image is freely downloadable from MorphOS-Storage.
Thank you very much to all the developers and users who participate from both near or far to help improve and test this pack.

Changes list:

Chrysalis 3.17r3 Micro Alchimie Edition (23/11/22)

!!! OpenSSL3.library moved from MOSSYS: to the correct path -> MOSSYS:Libs/
SDL Libraries 2.26.0 (BeWorld)
RNOTunes 1.0 (jPV^RNO)
RNOInfoScreen 1.8 (jPV^RNO)
MultiMeedio 1.4 (jPV^RNO)
HivelyTracker 1.9 (Stefan Blixth - AmigaZeux)
Lupe 2.1 french translation (Papiosaur)

Chrysalis 3.17r2 Micro Alchimie Edition (11/11/22)
AmiSSL 5.5 68k (AmiSSL Open Source Team)
Wayfarer 4.3 (Jacek Piszczek)
TinyGL update 2022-10-19 (bigfoot)
Lupe 2.1 (Matthias Böcker)
LiteXL 2.1.0 (George Sokianos)
AVCodec 1.5 (Andreas Falkenhahn)
DAPlayer 1.14 (Thomas Rapp)
SDL 2.24.1 (BeWorld)
ACE 1.25 + plugins (Philippe Rimauro)
HotBorder 1.10 (Tcheko)
Iris 1.4 (Jacek Piszczek)
BeeBase 1.0 (Steffen Gutmann)
PintorWeb 3.20 (Templario)
Starfield 1.0 (Matthias Böcker)
RNOEffects 1.4 (jPV^RNO)
ScummVM 2.6.1 (BeWorld)
PerCIMan 0.7.5 (Ulrich Beckers)
bePlayer 1.5 (BeWorld)
AnimWebConverter 5.0 (Templario)
Video mimetype fixed
New entries in the Ambient menu

Chrysalis 3.17r1 (04/05/22)
Wayfarer 3.6 (Jacadcaps)
openSSL hotfix (MorphOS Team)

Chrysalis 3.17
Wayfarer 3.5 (Jacadcaps)
SDL2 (BeWorld)
New entries in the Ambient menu

Chrysalis 3.16
SilkRAW 1.3 (Domenico Lattanzi)
OpenTTD 12.2 (BeWorld)
Symmetrix 1.0 (Matthias Böcker)
UpTime 1.5a (Matthias Böcker)
GrafX 2.8 (BeWorld)
MouseEyes 1.4 (Matthias Böcker)
Exutil 1.1.2 (Ulrich Beckers)
MouseCoords 1.4 (Matthias Böcker)
ModernArt 3.3 (Matthias Böcker)
SDL2 (BeWorld)
bePlayer 1.3 (BeWorld)
Odyssey 1.26 standalone version (MorphOS Team)
Blues R3 (BeWorld)
AmiSSL 4.12 68k (Jens Maus)
GenesisPlus 2.2 (Kelly Samel)
FinalBurnNeo (BeWorld)
ScummVM 2.5.1 (BeWorld)
Pixy 1.0a r3 (Tony Canazza)
MUIBase 4.4 (Steffen Gutmann)
WitchCleaner 2.20 (Templario)
and more...

Upload Date:Nov 23 2022
Size:994 MB
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