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Description:Convert JP(E)Gs and PNGs to PDF
Developer/Porter:Bernd Assenmacher
Short: convert images to PDF and more
Kurz: Bilder zu PDF konvertieren und mehr
Author: Bernd Assenmacher
Uploader: b-a@keemail.me (Bernd Assenmacher)
Version: 2.7
Requires: see guide file
Type: util/conv
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Distribution: morphos-storage

A little tool to convert images to PDF, vice versa and more.

In the first place its meant to convert image scans done with e.g.
Scandal or Scanquix to PDF documents in certain output formats like
A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, Legal, Letter, Executive, US, Comm10 or ImageSize.
Image formats like JP(E)G, PNG, BMP, IFF/ILBM, GIF, TIFF or PCX
can be used.

Additionally you can convert PDF documents pagewise to images like
JP(E)G, PNG, BMP, ILBM, GIF or to PDF and scale images to your chosen
resolution. Conversion of images to other image formats can be done too.

For requirements see the guide file.

Image2PDF is free to use for everyone.

You use this program at your own risk !

This program is provided "as-is" and comes without a warranty of any kind.

The author cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of data caused
by using Image2PDF.

By using it, you personally agree to accept whatever risk you may

Image2PDF is "Keymailware" ;-) and free to use without any restrictions !!

Just send an email to get your free keyfile with your chosen name.

Donations are always gratefully received.

Btw :

Programming software is a very time intense process so if you want you can
support it/me by sending a small donation here :


Thank you .... :-)

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History :

5th November 2022 --- V1.0
- initial release

12th November 2022 --- V1.1
- minor cleanups
- added AmigaOS3.x version (68k)
- added AmigaOS4.x version (PPC)

13th November 2022 --- V1.2
- its now possible to give the path of the image to be converted via
- added AROS version (X86)
- added drawer and program icons for the different supported platforms
(thanks Carlo ;-))
- added icons for AmiKit (thanks Jan and Ken;-))

3rd January 2023 --- V1.3
- added icons from Carlo again which were accidently bad converted in V1.2
- corrected "Credits" in terms of the Amikit icon(s) ;-)
- the source folder and the save folder is now memorized when doing more than
one image to PDF
- added requester which asks if it is wanted to do more images to PDF
- added requester if the PDF file already exists (overwrite protection)
- on commandline/shell it is no longer neccesary to give the full path of the
image file
- its now checked if the PDF file to be saved ends with ".pdf"
- improved error message in case of invalid loaded image/file
- added automatic closing of the viewer windows
- added Image2PDF as Hollywood Applet (at least Hollywood Player 9.1 has to
be used)

9th Febuary 2023 --- V1.4
- added the possibility to add more images to a PDF document. (one to a page)
The output format of all pages is chosen after giving the first image
- added a counter to the PDF filenames if the docs have more than one page
(doc_1.pdf , doc_2.pdf .... etc. , can be edited)
- the name of the image is now taken as the name of the PDF document if
the document has only one page, can be edited
- Polybios plugin is now linked to the binarys so that it is not needed
anymore to install it seperately
- fixed guide file so that it can be opened again
- updated guide file
- added tooltype to set default source and/or save drawer. If it is not set
there "ram:" is chosen as default. To set other drawers just remove the
parentheses and change the default "ram:" entry to the path you want.
Then save it to the icon
- fixed an issue which caused an offset positioning an image into a page
- improved icon handling. The name of the binary and its icon can be changed
to "Image2PDF" or just left as it is with the OS specification.
- added possibility to give arguments and parameters with commandline
- added possibility to do "bulk" conversion to PDF via commandline
- minor cleanups

30th March 2023 --- V2.0
- jumping to V2.0 because this is an almost complete rewrite
- GUI created
- removed "bulk" conversion via commandline
- adapted tooltypes to GUI and icons (even for the applet)
- adapted the guide file to V2.0
- MorphOS only release

23rd April 2023 --- V2.1
- code optimized
- fixed some minor glitches
- it is now possible to add images with uppercase extensions
- adapted code to get ready for AmigaOS3/4 and Aros
- adapted the guide file to V2.1

4th June 2023 --- V2.2
- added BMP, IFF, ILBM, GIF, TIFF and PCX for conversion to PDF.
- added possible free registration (just send an email to get your key :-))
- switched output 180� to improve seeing what happens while converting
- improved handling of unvalid images
- cleanups and some minor fixes

16th July 2023 --- V2.3
- fixed an issue which could lead to a crash when invalid PNG
images were loaded and drawn to the PDF document. (Thanks Alan :-))
- optimized conversion process
- optimized loadimage function and error treatment
- optimized saving speed and size of PDFs
- added "Help" entry in menu to show guide file
- changed PDF viewer to APDF on AmigaOS3.x
- added "Install" script

27th November 2023 --- V2.4
- added function "PDF2Image" (does not work with Aros)
- added function "PDF2PDF" (does not work with Aros)
- added function "Scaling" --> Image2PDF when "ImageSize" is set as format
- added function "Scaling" --> PDF2Image
- added function "Scaling" --> Image2NewSize
- added function "Quality" --> PDF2Image when "JP(E)G" is set as format
- changed file upcounting method when saving images (thanks S�bastien ;-))
- Install script now copys icons and pics (MorphOS, AmigaOS3/4 and Aros)
- Install script now installs to AmiKit if chosen
- Install script now creates a drawer called "Image2PDF"
in the chosen destination (MorphOS, AmigaOS3/4 and Aros)
- some cosmetic changes were done to the GUI
- updated guide
- fixed some minor issues

13th January 2024 --- V2.5
- rearranged GUI to make it more intuitive
- melted the target requesters to one single target requester
- added source PDF-file requester to GUI for PDF2Image and PDF2PDF
- added function "Image2Image" to change the format of images
- added function "scan file(s)" to determine the attributes of the image(s)
- added function "rem (dup)" to remove duplicate entries from the listview
- added function "check" to check the given images if they are valid to
process and to clean the listview from unvalid image files
- added possibility to scale images to a fixed size
- added more formats for Image2PDF (B4, B5, US, Executive, Comm10)
- installer now sets the OS automatically (thanks Daniel ;-))
- key F1 now opens the guide file as help too
- updated tooltips
- optimized output messages
- fixed a bug where "read source" did not work correctly sometimes.
- many improvements done "under the hood" ... ;-)

21th April 2024 --- V2.6
- updated guide file
- On MorphOS and AROS the guide file is now copied to the installation drawer
- On MorphOS the "Path" command in s:user-startup is now deactivated
If wanted active, one needs to uncomment it manually, save it
and then reboot the computer
- added possibility to scale images with all chosen formats
- added possibility to compress PDF docs when Ghostscript is installed
- the orientation of PDF docs can now be changed (not with ImageSize format)
- a print margin can be set now
- using commandline will now adapt the orientation automatically (not with
ImageSize format)
- compiled single versions for the supported platforms
- removed applet from archive
- added a print function to print PDF documents

16th June 2024 --- V2.7
- some small cosmetical fixes were done
- improved tooltips
- expanded scaling range of function "scale image(s) to" (now 10-6000)
- added an "abort" function to have the possibility to abort processes
when having many images in the loop. This does not work with "Convert
PDF to" function.

This readme file was made with Aminetreadmemaker from Thomas Igracki

Upload Date:Jun 16 2024
Size:6 MB
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