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Description:Spreadsheet editor
Developer/Porter:Carsten Siegner
Short: Spreadsheet editor + source
Author: Carsten Siegner <carstensiegner@dg-email.de>
Uploader: Carsten Siegner <carstensiegner dg-email de>
Type: biz/spread
Version: 1.10
Replaces: biz/spread/MicroExcel_1.05.lha
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.12

MicroExcel is a simple spreadsheet.
It can read and write tables in XML format.
It can also export tables in PDF format
or print it out.

The version 1.05 read XLS, TCD and write XLSX.
In version 1.10 i add read support of XLSX and ODS.

Version 1.0:

+ First Public Version

Version 1.05:

+ Support of XLS, XLSX and TCD
+ Shell interface
+ App window

Version 1.10:

+ Load XLSX
+ Load ODS

Upload Date:Apr 08 2020
Size:1 MB
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