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Description:A TurboGrafx16/PC Engine emulator.
Developer/Porter:Kelly Samel
Welcome to Hu-Go! - MorphOS v1.6b

Hu-Go! emulates the classic Turbografx16/PC Engine game
console. Hu-Go! features good compatibility with many
Hu-Card and CD-Rom based games.

Please read the included "CD-Rom_Guide.txt" for info
on how to play CD-Rom based games and how to launch them
from the quick rom selector.

- Documentation -

- User Interface Options -

GUI Interface:
select - select a tg16/pce game image to play, either a rom,
HCD or CD ISO file can be selected
(cd support requires system card rom)

run - start the emulation

overlay - Run emulation in video overlay mode (if your hardware supports this)
window - Run emulation inside a scalable window (if your hardware supports this)

PSG Volume - Set the volume level of the PSG audio, 256 is the default
MP3 Volume - Set the volume level of MP3 tracks on CD games, 128 is the default

Quick rom list: The rom select list view can be used to quickly select a rom to
play (rompath can be changed above)

HuCard/CD: This cycle gadget will cycle between HuCard and CD-Rom based
games in the quick rom selector list

vsync - video sync may correct screen tearing on some systems

scanline - scanline video mode

Configure - Configure input mapping for USB Gamepad, XBox 360 Gamepad
or Keyboard. Player 1 and 2 can be configured seperately.

Save State Manager - Press TAB key during gameplay for a gui save state
manager. You can save and load up to 4 positions
by selecting the appropriate gadgets.

Note: SaveStates do not work correctly with all
games so be careful to try with each game
before using. Things can become unstable
or emulator may exit under some cases.

Save Preview - Save a preview image for the current game.

CLI Interface:
Template: Hu-Go! <romname> <options>
Example : Hu-Go! roms/bonk2.pce

If no <romname> or <options> are passed, the MUI gui
will be launched instead.

- Keyboard and Gamepad controls -

Hu-Go! can be controlled with a keyboard or gamepad.
Gamepads are supported either through Poseidon v2.2
or lowlevel.library depending on connection type.
TG16/PCE game images can be copied to the "roms/"
directory for quick access. It is suggested to make
sub-drawers to store individual CD/ISO/HCD games in.

Please ensure you copy all contents of the archive
if updating from an earlier release!

Keyboard Controls:
button 1: x
button 2: z
select: shift
run: enter
dpad: arrow keys
increase window size: +
decrease window size: -
window size presets: F1 to F4
increase PSG Volume: ] or 6 (numpad)
decrease PSG Volume: [ or 5 (numpad)
increase MP3 Volume: ' or 3 (numpad)
decrease MP3 Volume: ; or 2 (numpad)
Save game state: 1 2 3 4
Load game state: 6 7 8 9
Open savestate manager: TAB


- Version History -
v1.6b March 21 2020
- Removed black borders around overlay windows
- Fixed partial width games on full screen overlay mode (Galaga '90)
- Compiled on latest SDK with GCC9

V1.6 May 07 2019
- Fixed overlay modulo width

- V1.5 April 24 2018
- Updated to latest version of my support functions
- Fixed a memory hit when saving a screenshot
- Fixed a memory hit on program exit
- Prefs file format changed
- Reworked video modes to be more compatible with laptops
- Fullscreen overlay mode aspect ratio correction
- Windowed and fullscreen scanline modes aspect ratio corrected
- Centering of video frame when possible

V1.4 Jan 21 2015
- Major reworking of old emulator and gui code
- Better stability
- SaveState manager with preview pics
- Preview pic on main interface
- Input configuration added
- Filter for file list (.pce|.hcd|.iso)
- CD music starts and stops on fade out IO commands
- CD music restored to correct position on loading state
- Updated to latest version of external lib code
- HuCard and CD seperate rom dir selector
- Doubled possible sound volume range

V1.3b December 15 2011
- Added support for fade commands so PSG and CD music
don't overlap on some games like DraculaX or Star Parodier
- Added many more pre-made HCD files for running ISO+MP3 games
- Added CD_Compatibility.txt CD compatibility results

V1.3 July 11 2008
- Clones Ambient resolution in full screen + Overlay
- Audio channels only allocated while emulation is running
- Added compact mode
- Added BG pattern toggle
- Added video sync option
- Cleaner sound channel termination
- Shortened the commodity description line
- Fixed MUI colors to work with most configs
- Added rompath selector
- Made gui resizable and fixed spacing
- Added 1 and 2 player joypad configs
- Added Scanline mode
- Several bugs fixed that were causing lock ups
- A few more premade HCD files added to archive

V1.2 August 29 2005
- Added video overlay support and window play support
- Fixed pce resolution changes and screen offsets
- Added PSG and MP3 volume settings
- Added Savestate function
- Added quick rom selection lister
- Added a few more premade HCD files
(thanks to Oliver Hummel for providing these, there will
be lot's more in the next release after I finish ripping
my entire PCE CD collection) :)

v1.1 August 2 2005
- Fixed psg sound output

v1.0 July 31 2005
- Initial release

Known problems:
- PSG sound emulation is quite inaccurate, looking
into the problem, could be endian related...


Hu-Go! MorphOS port by Kelly Samel, original
Hu-Go! by zeograd/Bero. Hu-Go! MorphOS may
be freely distributed according to the GNU
public license.

Contact: realstar@shaw.ca
Hu-Go! MorphOS site : http://realstar.neocities.org
original Hu-Go! site : http://www.zeograd.com

Upload Date:Apr 04 2020
Size:789 KB
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