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Description:A portable and retargetable assembler to create linkable objects in various formats or absolute code. Multiple CPU-, syntax and output-modules can be selected.
Developer/Porter:Frank Wille
vasm is a portable and retargetable assembler to create linkable objects in various formats or absolute code. Multiple CPU-, syntax and output-modules can be selected.

Many common directives/pseudo-opcodes are supported (depending on the syntax module) as well as CPU-specific extensions.

The assembler supports optimizations (e.g. choosing the shortest possible branch instruction or addressing mode) and relaxations (e.g. converting a branch to an absolute jump when necessary).

Most syntax modules support macros, include directives, repetitions, conditional assembly and local symbols.
Currently the following CPUs are officially supported by vasm (loosely ordered by maturity):

M680x0 family (including M6888x, M68851 and CPU32)
ColdFire family (all models of V2, V3, V4, V4e)
PowerPC family (POWER, 40x, 440, 460, 6xx, 7xx, 7xxx, 860, Book-E, e300 and e500)
Z80 family (Z80, 8080, GBZ80, 64180, RCM2/3/4k)
6502 family
Jaguar RISC (GPU and DSP instruction sets)
ARM (architecture ARMv1 to ARMv4, including THUMB mode)
80x86 family (IA32 8/16/32 bit, using MIT-syntax)
6800 family (6800, 6801, 6803, 68HC11)
QNICE (elegant 16-bit FPGA CPU)
TR3200 (virtual CPU from 0x10c)
Raspberry-Pi VideoCore IV

These syntax flavours are supported:

Standard MIT (GNU-as style) syntax
Motorola/Freescale 68k syntax (Devpac compatible)
Atari MadMac syntax (6502, 68k, Jaguar)
Old 8-bit style syntax

Supported output file formats:

ELF (M68k, PowerPC, i386, ARM and JRISC)
a.out (M68k, i386 and JRISC)
Amiga hunk format (M68k)
TOS executable format (M68k)
EHF extended hunk format (PowerPC)
Raw, binary output (all)
Motorola Srecord format (all)
VOBJ proprietary versatile object format (all)
Test, debugging output (all, default)

15-Mar-2018: vasm 1.8c.

Relocated ORG blocks within a section were not recognized, when their start address was 0.
The count in repeat-directives is always unsigned, even when given as a negative value.
Check for target address space overflows.
Fixed crash when undefining non-existing register symbols.
A redefined label is no longer a warning, but an error.
arm: Fixed compile-error from last release.
vobj-output: Fixed uninitialized symbol index for internal/local symbols.
oldstyle-syntax: New directive ROFFS to set the program counter relative to the start of the current section.

30-Dec-2017: vasm 1.8b.

Option -noialign disables the automatic instruction alignment.
m68k: New Apollo Core instructions (core >=4035.jic), provided by Henryk Richter.
m68k: Referencing absolute-short labels and optimizing labels into absolute short addressing mode is allowed, when the label resides in an absolute ORG section.
jagrisc: Fixed MOVE PC,Rn instruction.
oldstyle-syntax: Internal symbol __RPTCNT can be used as iteration counter in the inner repeat loop.
oldstyle-syntax: Numeric absolute symbol expansion is supported for macro parameters of the form \<symbol>.
vobj-output: Ignoring internal/local symbols does not work. Now we create and use section symbols as a relocation reference.

13-Aug-2017: vasm 1.8a.

Increased number of fast-optimization passes from 50 to 200, as very large sources (> 60000 lines), with lots of branches to optimize, may still have optimization possibilities left after 50 passes.
Repeat loops with an iterator symbol over an arbitrary sequence of values.
m68k: New option -sd and directive OPT ON to enable optimizations of absolute references to the small data section into a base register relative addressing mode.
m68k: New option -opt-jbra and directive OPT OB to convert all absolute jumps to external labels into 32-bit PC-relative branches (68020 and up).
m68k: OPT O+ in Devpac compatibilty mode does not enable PC-relative optimizations (an explicit OPT A+ is needed).
m68k: New Apollo Core instructions: PMULA, PMULH, STOREC, UNPACK1632.
m68k: -m68020up option no longer includes Apollo Core.
m68k: Devpac OPT Ln (with n=0,1,2,etc. for Atari) is recognized, although it has no effect at the moment.
m68k: Suppressed index registers ZRn, which are explicitely written in the source, are no longer optimized away.
PPC: -m option to select the CPU model starts working. By default the instruction set of a 32-bit PPC (G2, G3, G4) with AltiVec is supported.
x86: Floating point constants (.float, .double) are supported.
mot-syntax: Optional offset and length arguments for INCBIN (contributed by Andreas Larsson).
std-syntax: New directives for gas compatibility: .irp and .irpc.
bin-output: Fixed another sign-problem while padding between sections.
hunk-output: Print source line for undefined symbols, when generating an executable.
vobj-output: Ignore all internal/local symbols, except "*tmpNNNNNNNN*", which is required for certain relocations.
Upload Date:Feb 29 2020
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