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Description:AmigaDOS command to query some PPC cpu proprieties
Developer/Porter:Dino Papararo
Short: AmigaDOS command for AmigaOS4 and MorphOS to query some PPC cpu proprieties.
Author: Dino Papararo (Dino.Papararo@GMail.com)
Uploader: Dino Papararo (Dino.Papararo@GMail.com)
Type: util/cli
Version: 1.6 (7-Nov-2019)
Replaces: PPCCpuInfo.lha
Requires: AmigaOS4 or MorphOS compatible Amiga computer
Architecture: ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos

PPCCpuInfo - coded by Dino Papararo (Fl@sh)
AmigaDOS4/MorphOS command to examine PowerPc CPU proprieties and test BogoMips speed.
It can also be used for scripts, in quiet mode (-q switch), to verify presence of a vector unit (i.e. Altivec/VMX) and/or Fpu.

Script values are returned as following scheme:

return values for AmigaOS4:
0 -> altivec/vmx vector unit detected
5 -> altivec/vmx vector unit not detected

return values for MorphOS:
0 -> only altivec/vmx vector unit detected
1 -> only fpu unit detected
2 -> altivec/vmx vector unit and fpu unit both detected
5 -> altivec/vmx vector unit and fpu unot both not detected

C Source code included.
Developed and tested under QEMU/WinUAE OS4 and MorphOS (PowerMac g5 quad)
The program is mainly based on the source code present in wiki.amigados.net - Programming AmigaOS 4

New in v1.6
Fixed Altivec detection under AmigaOS4

New in v1.5
Fixed some AmigaOS4 bugs

New in v1.4
Added Linux BogoMips speed test
removed cpu extensions
many improvements and bugfixes

New in v1.3
Added more MorphOS cpu infos - many thanks to Frank Mariak for help :-)

New in v1.2
Added MorphOS compatibility

New in v1.1
Added FSB CPU Speed and CPU proprieties reports
CPU Speed Mhz fixed - bug report by Javier de las Rivas

Amiga Rulez!

Upload Date:Nov 08 2019
Size:111 KB
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