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Description:AHI noteplayer (1.8) for DeliTracker.
Developer/Porter:Martin Blom
Short: AHI noteplayer (1.8) for DeliTracker
Author: Martin Blom <lcs@lysator.liu.se>
Uploader: Martin Blom <lcs lysator liu se>
Type: mus/play
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

This is a DeliTracker NotePlayer for the AHI audio system. Based on the
Toccata NotePlater Genie by Delirium Softdesign.

Made by Martin Blom. Public Domain.

Send any comments to: lcs@lysator.liu.se

But I don't really support this program. Don't expect me to improve it.

For AHI developer documents and include files, look at
AmiNet:dev/misc/ahidev.lha or better the AHI home page,

The AHI audio system user files can be found at AmiNet:mus/misc/ahiusr.lha
or better the AHI home page, <URL:http://www.lysator.liu.se/~lcs/ahi.html>.

The left/right channel issue is rather annoying. However, starting with
1.8 at least stereo and stereo++ modes will sound the same. In order to
get the same behaviour as the other noteplayers, you must set the
AHIpaulaSwapChannels environment variable to 1.

New in version 1.5:
Fixed a bug with left/right channels.
Mastervolume didn't cancel the effect before closing down.
Window postions now saved again.
Minor changes.
Can now play 7 bit samples too (MED modules).
New in version 1.6
Mastervolume cancelled the effect forever. Oops.
New in version 1.7
The audio hardware wasn't always deallocated if an
intialization error occured.
"Use best audio mode" is now a little bit smarter.
New in version 1.8
Added german translation.
Consistent (but wrong) left/right channel handling.

Upload Date:Jul 03 2019
Size:14 KB
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