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Description:This politely multitasking program will play all popular sound program modules available on the amiga.
Developer/Porter:F.Riffel, P.Kunath
Short: module player, minor update
Author: support@delitracker.com
Uploader: support@delitracker.com
Type: mus/play
Version: V2.34 (06-Jan-02)
Distribution: NoCD


This DeliTracker version is Freeware. There's no need to register.
Thanks to all registered users for their support!
A note about freeware: free doesn't mean free of rights, ie. Public
Domain. Freeware is only free of charge, but still copyrighted.
DeliTracker is (c) by Frank Riffel and Peter Kunath.

The development of DeliTracker is now being continued on the PC.
The official Homepage of the Windows version is www.deliplayer.com


This is a minor update of DeliTracker 2.32. It fixes some problems
with third party players (V2.33) and adds a few enhancements for
player programmers (V2.34).

For developers:

In DeliTracker V2.34, the internal version number was bumped to 19.0
(DELIVERSION and DELIREVISION in the DeliPlayer.i include file).
If you specify the tag `DTP_RequestDTVersion, 19', then DeliTracker
will behave differently if the DTP_Interrupt tag is used together with

Previously, the DTP_Interrupt tag was ignored which made it impossible
to use DeliTracker's timer interrupt if a player had to use DTP_StartInt
and DTP_StopInt for some reason.

Now, if a `DTP_RequestDTVersion, 19' tag is present, DeliTracker won't
ignore DTP_Interrupt anymore if the DTP_StartInt/DTP_StopInt tags are

(This modified behaviour of DeliTracker reduces the need for player
programmers to set up their own timer interrupt in a player).

Upload Date:Dec 28 2016
Size:38 KB
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