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Description:A break-out-variant with 3D voxels.
Developer/Porter:Cherry Darling
The 3D voxel break-out with that extra twist!

1st rank at the Gerp 2014 demo-party's Wild competition.


New in this version:

- Minor fix, floating scores fading sometimes incorrect.

- Fix, symptom: tooltype parameter SHOW_FPS was not interpreted correctly
- Fix: lowlevel.lib joysticks not working, only sensor-lib joysticks.
- internal Voxel-chunk-size optimized
- 2p: same extras for both players
- code size reduced (no-RTTI compiler flag added)
- disk-size reduced by about 1.5 MB

- Fix: rare physics calculation error

- ball shadow
- brick voxel-explosions look better
- debris that doesn't fall on ground jumps around for a while...
- ...leading to more debris overall
- adjusted energy-loading accordingly
- 1p: floating brick-hit-scores
- 1p: level complete tune (and new game finish tune)
- 2p: loser's playfield tinted / blinking red depending on how critical the situation gets
- 2p: 2nd player's bat colored differently
- new main font
- swedish localization (thanks to Yasu)
- some minor improvements (like floating extras vanishing nicely when losing a life; better joystick controls)
- some code optimizations (sums up)
- some internal framework enhancements (like F11 for fullscreen toggle)
- Fix: a malfunctioning joystick could cause the game to not respond to any input



In its core VoxelNoid is a break-out-variant with 3D voxels:
the bricks, balls, extras, even the bat, all voxels.
The voxels ain't just eye-candy though. They are an essential game-play element:

If a brick is destroyed then it explodes into the tiny voxels it is built of,
filling the playfield with voxel-debris.
As soon as the ball approaches such debris it starts to swirl around
and flies to the bat, where it is converted into energy to charge the laser.

And guess what:
with that laser you can blast away those bricks in rows!
Even those harder blinking bricks the ball cannot destroy cannot withstand
a well aimed laser-blast for too long.
Besides that the laser can be your last resort in critical situations since
the ball is slowed down while firing.

And real high scores can only be achieved by true laser-masters.
When you destroyed all normal bricks the next level is entered - and there are 30.

And then there is that 2-player-simultan-splitscreen-mode...
Clean up your playfield first to win.
And if you know how to handle your laser:
use it to beam penalty-bricks to your opponent's playfield,
one for each two bricks you shoot. Harhar :-)


MorphOS >= 3.x

Just un-LHA, preserving folder structure and put the result wherever you want.



Go to the options menu to change keyboard or joystick-mappings.
Default controls:

Player 1:
Movement: cursor keys
Laser : right ALT (keep it holding!)

(or mouse - only in fullscreen mode
unless "mouse in window" is checked
in the options-dialog)

Player 2:
Movement: WASD
Laser : left ALT (keep it holding!)



enable this to fix a small issue regarding TinyGL texture border behaviour.
If you notice ugly stripes around objects, please enable it.

Only enable this if you suffer from real low performance (you usually should not).
In theory this may speed up things at the price of real ugly textures.

Enable this to slightly improve the appearance of some textures.
Note however that this does not work on all systems.
If you notice any texture being too small or being black at large parts, disable it.

If that is set the game will display the current frames per second and other stats
on the bottom of the screen while in-game.


Technical notes:

In contrast to the AmigaOS4 version it should run smooth
and without any glitches.



Code: Daytona675x
Gfx/Levels: H2o
Music/Sfx: TRiACE
NFO-ASCII-Art: sk!n

Special thanks to:
AmigaGuru, Bruno, BSzili, David, deez, Epsilon, Flori, Irata, Link, Melli, Ria, tommysammy, whose, Yasu



This game is free and we do all this in our free time.
If you like this game and want us to produce more, please consider donating:

If you want to spread the news / the game, please don't link to the archives directly!
And please don't put it into any (online) software collection without asking first.
Instead link to the game's homepage or Cherry-Darling's main page (links below).

In case you hit a bug please send a report including crash-log, screenshot,
whatever appropriate and possible, to the following mail-adress:


If possible also attach an LHA of the game's settings, located here:



Game's Homepage:

Cherry-Darling Homepage:

The game's soundtrack EP:

VoxelNoid on Facebook:

Cherry-Darling on Facebook:

VoxelNoid for Android:

Contact / Bug reports:


Have fun!
Your Cherry-Darling-Team

Upload Date:May 26 2016
Size:7 MB
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