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Description:Change a file's size (64bit support).
Developer:Thomas Igracki
Short: Change a file's size (64bit support)
Author: Thomas Igracki
Uploader: Thomas Igracki de
Type: util/cli
Version: 1.1
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Kurz: Größe einer Datei ändern, 64bit Unterst.

Change the filesize of a file, with 64bit support!

SetFileSize File/A,NewSize/A,V=Verbose/S:
File/A : The filename whose filesize should be set. If it doesn't exist, it will be created.
NewSize/A : The new filesize, with 64bit support!
V=Verbose/S: For testing, show "Set filesize to xxx bytes...".
K/S : NewSize will be multiplied by 1.000!
M/S : NewSize will be multiplied by 1.000.000!
G/S : NewSize will be multiplied by!
KB/S : NewSize will be multiplied by 1024!
MB/S : NewSize will be multiplied by 1024*1024!
GB/S : NewSize will be multiplied by 1024*1024*1024!

> SetFileSize64 HundertMegaByte 100 MB

Set the filesize of the file "HundertMegaByte" to 100 MB.

> SetFileSize64 HundertTausend 100 K

Set the filesize of the file "HundertTausend" to 100.000 Bytes.

03-Dec-2018: v1.1
new: Added K/S, M/S, G/S and KB/S, MB/S, GB/S parameters to easily
set the filesize to some common values
Upload Date:Dec 04 2018
Size:5 KB
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