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Description:Microsoft Office Tools
Developer/Porter:Carsten Siegner
Short: Microsoft Office Tools
Author: Carsten Siegner <carstensiegner@dg-email.de>
Uploader: Carsten Siegner <carstensiegner dg-email de>
Type: dev/mui
Version: 1.1
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.10

Tools to display different Microsoft Office documents formats.

1. Tool: doc.mcc + doc.library
Supported features: text, header, footer, lists ,footnotes , embedet Excel spreedsheets, pictures (bmp, jpeg,png),
document properties.

2. Tool: wmf.mcc + wmf.library
Supported features: Vectorgraphic, text.

Version 1.0:

+ First public version
+ New: doc.mcc - MUI class to display binary Microsoft Word documents.
+ New: doc.library - Shared library to decode and parse binary Microsoft Word documents.

Version 1.1:

+ New: wmf.mcc - MUI class to display the Windows Meta Format (.wmf)
+ New: wmf.library - Shared library to decode WMF files.

Upload Date:Oct 29 2018
Size:800 KB
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