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Description:Rich Text Format to HTML5 converter.
Developer/Porter:Joerg van de Loo
Short: Rich Text Format to HTML5 converter
Author: joergloo@aol.com (Joerg van de Loo)
Type: util/conv
Version: 3.97 (-beta-)
Replaces: util/conv/RTF-Riddle.lha
Requires: 68020+ (m68k version)
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros, generic

Sorry, forgotten to upload it...

RTF-Riddle is a simple command line tool in order to convert RTF files
into the HTML5 format using the primitives of CSS where I've spent a lot
of effort in order to optimise the font handling, that is, to keep the
final size short!
If you expect RTF-Riddle to handle pictures, tables, headers, footers
and embedded fonts I have to disappoint you, this is not supported nor
will be.

"RTF2HTML.bat" is a Shell script that can be fired up by Workbench
(double click) and offers file requesters for choosing file names.
Note: Unless edited, this Shell script uses the m68k version of

The file 'rtfriddle.exe' is a Windows 32-bit application, designed for
Windows operating systems up from XP SP3.

*** UPDATE ***

This is the last version in its current form; new versions must be
entirely different in design. Nevertheless, I'll still correct mistakes.

This version finally separates strictly between the evaluation and the
HTML generation which means that now all RTF files (no matter what
applications were used for the builds) are really transcoded to HTML
compliant files.
Unfortunately, I am still forced to make assumptions about the end of a
paragraph or attribute, because I still have some information missing
regarding the RTF specification. Nevertheless, now all RTF files should
be transcoded correctly into their HTML form, without producing any
nonsense, as in the last version.

April, 17th, 2015, released November 2015

A lot of changes (and more brain storming and testing) in order to
support all RTF source files as expected and as far as the limited
amount of features RTF-Riddle allows.

Font face detection improved and fixed (fallback font).
Font size recognition improved and fixed (fallback font).
Line indentation not always applied as intended, fixed.
Paragraph indentation completely reworked.
Group handling improved, with it, font size assignation.
Supports now sub- and superscript.

Upload Date:Jul 31 2018
Size:228 KB
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