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Description:A lua script to fetch and display shell command descriptions from the MorphOS Library wiki by jPV^RNO.
Short: Online help for MorphOS shell commands
Author: jPV^RNO
Uploader: jpv morphos-user com (jPV^RNO)
Type: util/batch
Version: 1.3
Architecture: generic


A lua script to fetch and display shell command descriptions from the MorphOS
Library wiki. A working Internet connection is recommended.

MorphOS version requires MorphOS 3.8 or later.

A generic (Linux) version is included in the archive too.


Chelp <command>
- Displays a description for the command.

Chelp <command with wildcards>
- Displays a list of matching commands with short descriptions. Accepted
wildcards are ?, #?, and *.

Chelp SEARCH <keyword>
- Displays commands whose name or short description contains the keyword.

Chelp ALL
- Displays a list of all available commands with short descriptions.

Chelp ARG
- Displays an explanation of MorphOS Shell arguments.

- Downloads all command descriptions to the cache directory at once.
- Use with care, because it downloads hundreds of files.

Chelp UPDATE <command>
- Forces updating of the command description before displaying it.


Recommended installation (the provided installer script does this for you):
1) Copy "Chelp" and "Chelp.lua" files to the SYS:S/ directory
2) Make sure the "Chelp" file has the S protection bit set
3) If you don't have the MorphOS SDK or new enough wget installed, copy the
C/wget file to SYS:C/ (or to any other location if you also edit the
configuration section in the script)


Settings can be altered by editing the "Chelp.lua" file with a text editor.

cache_dir - Can be changed to some permanent location for quicker operation
or offline use. 'HELP:english/Shell/' could be a good location.
autoupdate - Defines if cached entries should be checked for updates if they
are older than a day. The update is performed after showing a
description from the cache.
wget_exe - MorphOS Library requires HTTPS (secure) connections now, so be
sure your wget version supports this protocol. A working wget is
provided in the archive, but if the MorphOS SDK is installed,
there's no need to install it.


1.0 (28.01.16) - Public version
1.1 (12.10.16) - Cached descriptions are stored in plain text instead of HTML,
added automatic updating of the cached descriptions, cache's
path can now contain spaces, more verbose output, the Shell
alias from 1.0 isn't needed if using the new "Chelp" script,
wildcard listing of commands, search and update options.
1.2 (23.03.18) - The script uses HTTPS connections now, because HTTP support
was dropped at the MorphOS Library.
1.3 (04.04.18) - Parsing fixes for MorphOS Library changes


More scripts and MorphOS stuff:

The wiki based library of MorphOS related documentation:

Base descriptions at the library and inspiration for this script are from:

The wget program is from the MorphOS SDK. Sources for it are available here:

Upload Date:Apr 04 2018
Size:1 MB
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