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Description:A quick and dirty hack to register any MorphOS ISO.
Developer/Porter:Guido Mersmann
Version: 1.12
** RegisterISO
** Copyright © 2018 Guido Mersmann <geit@gmx.de>
** All rights reserved.

This is a quick and dirty hack to register any MorphOS ISO.

NO this is no crack! It just patches your keyfile into a standard MorphOS ISO,
so you can use it to restore backups or use SFSDoctor from a clean environment
without dealing with a MorphOS timeout. You still need a valid keyfile.

Command template: NAME/A,MORPHOSKEY/K"

Name is the file name of the iso file to be modified. Backup your ISO, as there
is no way back.

MORPHOSKEY is - guess what - the MorphOS key. If this argument is not provided
RegisterISO takes the keyfile stored in devs:

Use this tool on your own risk.

Upload Date:Mar 26 2018
Size:14 KB
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