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Description:Shutdown/reboot at selected time.
Developer/Porter:Artur 'r-tea' Ostrowski
Short: Shutdown/reboot at selected time
Author: r-tea amiga pl (Artur r-tea Ostrowski)
Uploader: r-tea amiga pl (Artur r-tea Ostrowski)
Type: util/wb
Version: 1.0
Architecture: ppc-morphos

This is my second attempt to make an application that turns off or reboots
the computer at the time one needs. The very first version was created in C.
Everything were fine but the one thing: the application couldn't work while
iconified and this version can.
Daysleeper 1.0 is written in Hollywood 7.0 using MUIRoyale plugin.
It has clean and readable interface and it's as simple as possible, thus it
don't need any clarifications I think.

Once upon a time my wife's brother told me he got a nice little proggy
which shuts down his computer (with Windows) while he watches a film, he got
asleep and the film ends. I answered I don't have such a programm but I can
create similar thing.
And that was the purpose of creating this little clock / time utility.
The second (and maybe more important) reason for which I created this program
was that I love MUI as an user and as a "sunday programmer" :-) I consider
MUI API as really cool and easy to use for not very experienced programmers
like me. And I consider MUI GUI and all MUI's environment (from an user point
of view) as the best environment one's ever seen.
A long time had elapsed since my last attempts of programming, so it was a good
opportunity to start it again :-)

Feel free to distribute the source code, share with it, do any changes as well
as copy all or parts of it. Just play with it and see how brilliant is MUI :-)

Please, let me know if you found it useful in any way, either if you have any
suggestions or comments. Would be nice to receive a grab of Daysleeper window
with your MUI's favourite prefs :-)

*** Tooltypes options ***
ACTIVE - Daysleeper starts immediately activated ...
ICON - ... and iconified
REBOOT - sets Reboot as the option at startup (Default is Shutdown)
COUNTDOWN - sets Countdown as the option at startup (Default is At time)
TIME - specifies the time or amount of time in hh:mm format

These values are common for "At time" and "Countdown".
Use 0:0 to 23:59 for "At time" and 0:1 to 99:59 for "Countdown".
Daysleeper simply ignores values out of ranges.

*** equivalent CLI/Shell options ***
-time/K hh:mm

*** Help CLI/Shell option ***

Note, that the dash character is necessary, otherwise the parameter will be

For those who want to play with my lame code :-)
This is the command line string I used to compile the source with Hollywood:

hollywood sourcecode.hws -compile executable

executable is the name of output code (with path if you need)
souurcecode.hws is your program source code (with path if you need)

Hollywood author: Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoftsoftware
MUI's author: Stefan Stuntz. Further developing by MorphOS Team.
The clock icon comes from Aminet, from Alpyreicons1 set by Alper Sonmez.
Thanks to widelec/BlaBla, Phibrizzo and deez for their patience while testing.


2013-11-20; v0.9;
The first release (written in C);
The application don't work while iconified.

2014-01-22; v0.9.2;
Added nice icon and Appicon support;
The application don't work while iconified.

2017-08-20; v0.9.3;
Added screen title
In Countdown mode program delays decreasing minutes counter (fixed)

2017-08-13; v1.0 (written in Hollywood)
First version reworked in Hollywood. The iconify state issue removed.
Added full keyboard handling.
Added icon tooltypes and CLI/Shell support.
Program can startup immediately iconified and/or immediately active

+ a kind progress bar indicatin how much time left
+ while iconified the icon blinking or the icon's title turning red and blinking
(if possible)

Upload Date:Sep 15 2017
Size:1 MB
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