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Description:Make filelist in AmigaGuide and HTML format.
Short: Make filelist in AmigaGuide and HTML format.
Author: amis@amiga.org.ru (AmiS)
Uploader: amis@amiga.org.ru (AmiS)
Version: 3.0
Type: util/misc

The VisualGuide for MorphOS (PPC)

· Introduction
Makes file list in AmigaGuide® format from your directories.
For every file specifies: Name, Lenght, Version, Date, Time, Comment.

· Features
o Executable from CLI and WB.
o Hard and Soft links support.
o PFS Rollover Files support.
o Version recognizing.
o MUI-based interface.
o Output to HTML.

· Requirements
o For CLI version: MorphOS 1.4 and higher.
o For GUI version: MorphOS 1.4 and MUI 3.9 and higher.

· Copyright

This software is subject to the "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note".
It is Freeware as defined in paragraph 4a.
For more information please read "AFD-COPYRIGHT" (Version 1.4 or higher).

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Upload Date:Apr 09 2017
Size:75 KB
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