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Description:Restore & backup prefs files for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Patrick Jung
Short: Restore & backup prefs for MorphOS v2.x & 3.x
Author: patrickjung[at]laposte[dot]net
Uploader: patrickjung[at]laposte[dot]net
Type: util/wb
Architecture: generic
Website: http://amigaos0morphos.olympe-network.com/
Status: Freeware

Patrick Jung aka Patbest


Restore & backup Script prefs for MorphOS v2.x & 3.x

Copyright (C) 2013 Patrick 'Patbest' Jung

Script prefs install v1.3
You can save and restore all prefs from MorphOS for a new install

1. backup & restore prefs Ambient
2. backup & restore prefs Catalogs
3. backup & restore prefs Env-Archives
4. backup & restore prefs S
5. backup & restore prefs Crabum
6. backup & restore prefs MUI
7. backup & restore prefs SYS
8. backup & restore prefs MOSSYS/MPrefs
9. backup & restore prefs Transfer_server
10.backup & restore prefs OWB_bookmark & Config
11.backup & restore keys
12.backup & restore prefs PolyNet
13.backup & restore libs
14.backup & restore prefs AmIRC
15.backup & restore morphos.key


If you have any other suggestions or comments, How to contact me.
Here : patrickjung[at]laposte[dot]net

Upload Date:Apr 01 2017
Size:77 KB
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