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Description:A MUI GUI for the otrdecoder program of onlinetvrecoder.com where you can record tv programs for free!
Developer/Porter:Thomas Igracki
Short: MUI GUI for the otrdecoder / omrdecoder
Author: Thomas Igracki
Uploader: "Thomas Igracki" <Thomas Igracki de>
Type: util/conv
Version: 1.1
Replaces: util/conv/otrMUI.lha
Requires: MorphOS
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 1.4.5

= otrMUI =

otrMUI is a MUI GUI for the otrdecoder program of onlinetvrecoder.com where you can
record tv programs for free!

otrMUI is now also a MUI GUI for the omrdecoder (from www.onlinemusicrecoder.com)!

You need the otrdecoder and/or omrdecoder programs from their websites!

New in v1.0 is batch decoding, you can now have a list of otrkey and
omrkey files, which will be processed one after the other. Also new
is that the progress window is now integrated into the main window,
and if the Play-Button is pressed while an omrkey file is selected in
the list, a small mp3 player window opens and plays the decoded mp3

Just start it!

If you have some bug reports or suggestions for a next version, please send them
to me: otrMUI Igracki de

There is now an Ambient filetype and deficon for an .otrkey file, in the "prefs/"
directory, just copy the whole directory to SYS:.
The filetype and the deficon are contributed by "schlonz", thanks!

Also the "cutOTR.lzx" archive is from schlonz, there you'll find some programs/scripts
to automatically cut out the commercials from your decoded movie with the help of cutlists
from www.cutlist.de!+

Fix: Don't unghost the remove, up, down and play buttons after one file was decoded
(because I activate the next entry in the listview)
New: The listview now has some more columns:
"Status", "Name", "Date", "Starttime", "Channel", "Duration", "Format", "File", "Filesize"
both video (.otrkey) and music (.omrkey) files are supported
Fix: If you drop files from Ambient into otrMUI, the list had refresh problems,
cause I didn't set MUIA_List_Quiet to FALSE after inserting files...
New: Added some up/down buttons to sort the order of the files, cause mouse-drag-sort doesn't work here!?
Chg: Removed the "+" button, its useless, cause the files gets automatically
inserted after you selected them in the popup req
New: The popup req only show "*.otrkey" and "*.omrkey" files
New: Only files which matches "*.o[mt]rkey" are inserted into the list
In the popup-req a requester appears if the file isn't supported, when you drop
a file via Ambient, the warning msg is display in the status list
New: Added a "Music Archive" and "Video Archive" tab, not yet functional
Fix: The "-", "up", "dn" button are now also disabled, if no entry is selected
New: The input string gadget is now set to the BasePath if no entry is selected

Upload Date:Mar 25 2017
Size:329 KB
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