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Description:Port of GIT, a revision control system.
Developer/Porter:Christian Rosentreter

git Binary Release for MorphOS

This is a current build of the latest stable git package.

For any information about git itself refer to included
original documentation or check out the official git homepage:


which has numerous documentations (Wiki, FAQ, etc.).

About the MorphOS Port

The MorphOS port was quickly done and is not well tested yet, so
there might be tons of problems still. I don't know. I don't even
know how the beast works or what it is really good for as I didn't
read any documentation myself yet. I only needed it to checkout
some source from a git repository and that worked just fine for
me. :)

The documentation did not build and I was to lazy to workaround
the build issues there, so I just copied the raw files in case
they are required. Using the web documentation page is more
comfortable anyway:


In case there is enough interest or need I'll look into this issues
and provide properly build documentation with next release (man,
info files, whatever).


To install git for MorphOS just merge all files from the 'usr'
directory to 'GG:usr/'

If you have problems with the links in usr/libexec/git-core then
execute the provided 'fixlinks.script' in that directory to
restore them properly.

You might need to tweak GG:sys/s/gg-startup to include /usr/bin
in the PATH variable:

-------- 8< ------------


if not exists env:PATH
; /gg/usr/bin == /usr/bin (but useful to have in case we redirect usr:
echo ":/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/mossys/c:/c:/gg/usr/bin:." >env:PATH


; use gg:-absolute paths here (in case we temp redirect usr: for save
; make install
path gg:usr/bin add
path gg:usr/local/bin add


-------- 8< ------------

All in all the installation shouldn't be a problem at all for
an experienced developer, like you. :)


Developers: see original documentation
MorphOS Port: Christian Rosentreter <tokai@binaryriot.org>


Web: http://tokai.binaryriot.org/public/

IRC: irc.freenode.net #morphos

Upload Date:Mar 20 2017
Size:7 MB
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