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Description:Mpega.library clone using libmad (040/PPC).
Developer/Porter:Sigbjørn Skjæret
Short: Mpega.library clone using libmad (040/PPC).
Author: cisc@c2i.net (Sigbj�rn Skj�ret), Jarmo Laakkonen <jami.laakkonen@kolumbus.fi>, Stephan Rupprecht <mail@stephan-rupprecht.de>, Robert Leslie <rob@mars.org>
Uploader: cisc c2i net (Sigbj�rn Skj�ret)
Type: util/libs
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; ppc-powerup

This is a mpega.library clone using the very excellent libmad for
decoding, it looks and behaves just like the original, but with several
benefits offered by libmad...

Why should I use this instead of the original mpega.library I hear you
say? Well, here's a list of reasons:

- Supports 8kHz streams (the original decodes these wrong).

- Supports FreeFormat (upto a whopping 640kbps) streams.

- Supports ReplayGain (stored in LAMEtags).

- Very high quality decoding (better than the FPU version of the original).

- Very low CPU usage (integer original is still faster on 68k though).

- mpega.library is no longer updated (and I haven't been able to get in
touch with Stephane Tavenard for ~2 years (and counting))...

If this doesn't convince you, well, tough, don't use it then! ;)

Changes in this (7th) release:

- Added some more compiler options to squeeze out more speed.
- Fixed cases where buffersize would be wrong for apps that try to reset it to
another value through the hook (this is not recommended however, as I try to
force a recommended minimum (and absolute minimum is 2880 bytes (not counting
freeformat which can be upto 5760 bytes per frame (perhaps even more))))...
- Now preserves A4, might fix some apps.
- Reenabled -fschedule-insns2 for PPC since new asm doesn't trigger bug, gained
whopping 15% speed (with new asm)... ;)
- More compatibility tweaks, hopefully SongPlayer is less fuzzy about files now.
- Updated to libmad 0.15.1 with new IMDCT for Layer3,
should increase speed *and* accuracy! ;)
- Added support for LAMEtag, using ReplayGain info when decoding.

This archive contains 4 different binaries:

mpega.library.040 - 68k version, just rename it to mpega.library.
mpega.library.pup - "fat" PowerUP binary, rename it to mpega.library.
mpega.library.os4 - OS4 binary, rename it to mpega.library.
mpega.library.elf - MorphOS binary, rename it unless you dualboot on CS/BPPC!

You might notice that the following binary is no longer included
(but the sources still support it, if you manage to build it, please tell me):

mpega.library.wos - WarpOS binary, rename it to mpega.library.

..this is because I have been unable to contact the maintainer for quite a
while, and it seems that no-one else is able to produce a working binary,
accounting for the huge delay of this release, sorry... :P
(4 different people have tried, and all have failed .. StormC strikes again!)

If you are still unfortunate enough to be stuck with WarpOS, I suggest you just
use the PowerUP version with the latest ppclibemu, which should work fine.

Thanks goes to the following ppl:

My wife & kids
- for understanding (yeh, rite) my absence during intense coding sessions.

My biological father
- for dying young and leaving an awful mess for everyone to clean up.

Stephane Tavenard
- for making mpega.library, a truely great effort!

Robert Leslie
- for making the excellent libmad, thus making this possible!

Jarmo Laakkonen
- for doing and maintaining the WarpOS version.
(though, he seems to have left this planet's surface. :P )

Stephan Rupprecht
- for doing and maintaining the OS4 version.

Adam Waldenberg
- for wasting more time than most trying to build the WarpOS version in Jarmo's absense.
(no easy feat when you have to battle the antics of StormC)

Frank Wille
- for taking the time to test my library and analyze & fix the problem with ppclibemu/wos!

Jacek Cybularczyk & Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz
- for being a couple of the coolest coders around, and lending me the
PowerUP dispatcher code and tools enabling me to make the "fat" binary...

Ralph Schmidt, Frank Mariak, Emmanuel Lesueur, David Gerber, Nicolas Sallin, Mark Olsen & Nicholai Benalal
- for putting up with all the crap that goes on in public forums...
(which seems to be less now that Ben Hermans got a "real" job)

Robert Reiswig
- for revealing more secrets than The Masked Magician... ;)
(currently being held in inhuman conditions at Guantanamo Bay)

Teemu Suikki
- for questionable use of a motorcycle, and taking pictures... ;)
(last spotted on a world-nude-bike-tour, end-date unknown)

Harry Sintonen
- for being MIA for months, and now in permanent hiding...
(but now back again, committing stuff while knurd)

Jacek Piszczek Jr.
- for stunning polish nature-shots.

Treveur Bretaudiere
- for making kick-ass skins!

Nicolas Szalski
- for lovely icons!

Andr� Siegel
- for arranging random pixels in amazingly beautiful ways.

Nicolas Det
- for superhuman overlay optimizations.

Felix Schwarz
- for leaving me out in his thank-you list. ;)

Chris Hodges
- for not putting up with all the crap Elbox and their rats put him through.

Timm S. M�ller
- for having more guts and less sanity than most. ;)

Benjamin Vernoux
- for degrading everyone's engrish.

Matt Sealey
- for having a cheerful outlook on life. ;)

- for being a lean, mean porting machine.

- for always being there.

Everyone in #AmigaCafe
- for being patient and ignoring all my rants... ;)
(sorry that I haven't been around lately)

- for ditching us in favour of a square apple. :P

Chen, Daremo-Long
- for giving everyone weird urges whenever near furry objects.

- for never being there.

- for being there sometimes.

- for being very, very yellow.

Christian Rosentreter
- for finally letting me out of that dark, damp dungeon...

R�diger Hanke
- for giving us an excuse for being nostalgic.

Kolbj�rn Barmen
- for testing the x86 version of MorphOS.

Ole-Egil Hvitmyren
- for bringing tears to my eyes in unconventional ways.

Kjetil Hvalstrand
- for caring about the otters when no-one else will.

Michele Magliocca
- for informing us that Ambient sucks, we'd never have noticed otherwise.

Lajos Nagy
- for giving us the best non-random random technology money can't buy. ;)

Jose Francisco Carrasco Benitez
- for making everyone put him on permanent ignore.

Theo de Raadt
- for being polite and forthcoming.

Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck
- for never knowing when to stop.

Bill McEwen
- for not being there when he should have been.

Barry Moss
- for being a lean, mean buzzword machine.

Mike Bouma
- for being an all-round professional guy who never lets politics get in the way of truth.

Ray A. Akey
- for knowing the truth.

Jens Sch�nfeld
- for knocking down that wall.

Steffen H�user
- for facing his monsters.

Hans-J�rg Frieden
- for not understanding his own license.

Sammy Nordstr�m
- for making it crystal clear that ROM is not meant to be read.

For more information on the MAD project, check out the MAD homepage at:


Upload Date:Feb 19 2017
Size:499 KB
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