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Description:Free MUI personal accounts manager v3.1.
Developer/Porter:Maxime Doyen
Short: Free MUI personal accounts manager v3.1
Author: mdoyen@(NOSPAM)free.fr (Maxime Doyen)
Uploader: mdoyen (NOSPAM)free fr (Maxime Doyen)
Type: biz/misc
Version: 3.1
Requires: OS2.x (V37+), MUI 3.1+, BetterString, NList, NListtree
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Replace: HomeBank*

�HomeBank� is the Amiga software you have always wanted to manage your
personal accounts. It is more than a simple personal finance manager, it
has various features that allows you to analyze your finances in a detailed

The interface has been designed using the best combination available: MUI,
some private MUI classes and 3rd parties like BetterString, NList,

HomeBank is also innovative with the new ideas and features it makes
available to you. It is powerful and stable, as the result of being
programmed in optimized C.

Really, if you are looking for an easy way to do your home accounts, then
�HomeBank� should be the software you choose. Just take a little time to
try it out now, and you won't regret doing so...

HomeBank is now FreeWare. You can make a donation to support HomeBank,
contact the author for that purpose. You are also invited to subscribe to
the HomeBank mailing list, please visit http://maxworld.free.fr/homebank/.

Main features
- multiple �accounts�
- �payees� capability
- �categories & subcategories� capability
- single �budget� capability
- �predefined� operations
- �automated� operations
- additionnal �operation� fields (paymode+info, car cost refuel)
- csv import/export for payees, categories, budgets, and operations
- dual pad of cheque & automated cheque number treatment
- �inherit� & �multiple� operations edition
- �transfert� & �automated transfert� between accounts
- very complete analysis reports easy to use:
o complete graphic set: lines, bars and pies
o �statistics� report extremely powerfull with various displays
o �budget� report, to point out decay
o �overdrawn� report with a nice line chart
o integrated �car cost� (fuel and other depenses)

- full Euro support (saise, major/minor display, font symbol)
- �password� load proctection access
- operations status (added, edited, validated + special remind)
- reminded operations
- complete �display� filter & operation list �sort criteria�
- nice and intuitive layout thanks to MUI and subclasses
- toolbars and user configurable images
- localized (see my website for the latest catalog files)

- Kickstart 2.0+
- Workbench 2.1+
- MUI 3.1+ (not provided -> util/libs)
- BetterString (provided)
- NList.mcc (provided)
- NListtree.mcc (provided)

Products list of the Author (visit <http://maxworld.free.fr/>)

- HomeBank (biz/misc/homebank.lha)
Home accounting with many features, statistics, overdrawn, carcost, ...

- MiamiPhone (comm/tcp/miamiphone.lha)
Phone log analyzer for Miami log files, count time and cost, display in
numeric and graphics.

- AminetIdx (util/misc/aminetidx.lha)
Aminet INDEX file search, collect and save to various format for
easy download.

- 05R/W-base (mus/midi05rw-base.lha)
Manager and editor for KORG 05R/W, X5, X5D synthetizer.

Upload Date:Dec 27 2016
Size:669 KB
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