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Description:AmIRC Typo fixer plugin.
Developer/Porter:Robin Cloutman
Short: AmIRC Typo fixer plugin
Author: Robin Cloutman, Tom
Uploader: Tom <tom01 gmx-topmail de>
Type: comm/irc
Version: 3.2
Requires: AmIRC 3+
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Kurz: AmIRC Tippfehlerkorrektur-Plugin

Add any words which you commonly get wrong, or can't be bothered typing out
fully, then just let your fingers wander ;-)

It is now using MUI-List instead of NList.

This plugin also has a prefs page for easy editing.

Anything you enter is saved via the normal load/save mechanism or AmIRC
(hence, you must remember to "Save Settings..." before you quit), and they
are shared between processes (so only need to save in one instance,
assuming you've not got AmIRC set to Save On Exit)...

AmIRC Commands
«Help» Typo.AmIPlug: TYPO
«Help» Usage: /TYPO [old [new]]

Copy the respective file to the AmIRC/Plugins directory.

If you not already did so, add the folowing in Settings/Typo:

mos MorphOS

1.0 initial Release
2.0 rewrote internals
2.1 made the algorythms faster for *huge* typo lists
2.2 fixed a stupid bug
2.3 Now uses pools for a single global typo list.
2.4 Semaphore List protection, we're finally ready for release.

2.5 Copyright ©2002-2003 Robin Cloutman <typorycochet.com>
Released under the GNU General Public License in June 2003
Allows you to automatically replace common spelling errors
Defined commands: TYPO

3.1 © 2009 Tom <tom01@gmx-topmail.de>
changed from NList to MUI-List

3.2 Priority increased to 1 (needed for Charset-AmIPlug in Rawmode)
Check if the Preference-Directory is present and create it, if needed.

Upload Date:Dec 21 2016
Size:18 KB
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