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Description:AmIRC Characterconversion
Developer/Porter:Thomas Bodlien
Short: AmIRC-Characterconversion
Author: Thomas Bodlien <tom01@gmx-topmail.de>
Type: comm/irc
Version: 2.5
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 2.0
Kurz: AmIRC-Zeichensatzkonvertierung

Charset2 is a Plugin for AmIRC, which deals with different kind of Codesets.
It provides general Character-Conversion-Routines for converting from one
Charset (e.g. UTF8) into another (e.g. ISO-8859-1) or vice versa.

UTF8-Mode has a builtin UTF/ISO-Detection-Function. This means you can turn it
on and should still be able to read ISO encoded Textmessages.

In short: UTF-8 Support for AmIRC.

Version 2 is using charsets.library from MorphOS-2. No 3rd party Libraries are
required anymore.

·MorphOS v2

If you have Charset.AmIPlug v1 installed, remove it.
Copy Charset2.AmIPlug to AmIRC/Plugins.

1.1 © Tom <tom01@gmx-topmail.de>
·MUI Graphical-User-Interface
·query available Charsets

1.2 ·Own UTF-8-Detection-Function added.

1.3 ·Local Inputconversion modified.
Charset is now parsing the local Input itself and is sending raw messages
to the server, in order to avoid the displaying of already converted
characters in AmIRC.
·Check if the Data-Directory is present and create it, if needed.
·Even better completely new UTF-8-Detection-Function implemented.

1.4 ·ASCII-Detection enhenced

1.5 ·/CTCP nick CHARSETVERS added

1.6 ·Sourccode imported to SVN
·new Makefiles, Buildsystem reworked
·Sourcecode reworked
·Privmsg-Parser optimized

2.1 © Tom <tom01@gmx-topmail.de>
·ported to MorphOS-2
·changed from codesets.library to MorpOS own charsets.library

2.2 ·sendrawmsg optimized

2.3 ·debug code from receive function removed

2.4 ·Translation-Procedure optimized
·/me mode added

2.5 ·Charset-Handling enhenced

Upload Date:Dec 21 2016
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