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Description:A port of "STonX", an Atari ST (68000) emulator for UNIX.
Developer/Porter:Frank Wille
Short: Atari ST emulator
Author: frank@phoenix.owl.de (Frank Wille)
Uploader: frank phoenix owl de
Type: misc/emu
Version: 1.0
Requires: OS3.x or OS4 or WarpOS or PowerUp or MorphOS. CGfx or P96. AHI.
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; ppc-powerup; ppc-warpup

This is a port of "STonX", an Atari ST (68000) emulator for UNIX.
It is quite fast and works very well with clean applications, and
even with some of the "hardware-banging" games, but the hardware
emulation is not perfect.

This port requires CyberGfx or Picasso96 for graphics and the AHI
system for audio (can be disabled).

Select an executable for the operating system of your choice and
copy it whereever you like:
AmigaOS3.x (68k): stonx_68k
AmigaOS4 (PPC): stonx_os4
MorphOS0.4+ (PPC): stonx_mos
PowerUp: stonx_ppc
WarpOS: stonx_wos

You might want to copy "tos.img" (not included) and "cartridge.img"
into the same directory. Otherwise you have to tell STonX where they
can be found (either by command line option or by STonXrc file).

The "atari" directory contains two demo programs.

Please read docs/README for a complete documentation about STonX.
You may write command line options, without leading '-' and separated
by new-lines, into the file "STonXrc", which has to reside in the
same directory as the main program. Example STonXrc:
tos TOS2.04/tos.img
cartridge cartridge/catridge.img

Amiga specific options:
-directcgfx : Copy directly into frame buffer, without using OS functions.

When started for the first time you will be asked to select the
screen modes for displaying the Atari resolutions 320x200, 640x200
and 640x400. They will be saved to ENV:STonX_modes. So if you need
to change them one day, just delete this file and restart STonX.

Keyboard mapping of special Atari keys:
Insert -> Num.Pad '0'
End -> Num.Pad '1'
Down -> Num.Pad '2'
PgDn -> Num.Pad '3'
Left -> Num.Pad '4'
ISO -> Num.Pad '5'
Right -> Num.Pad '6'
Home -> Num.Pad '7'
Up -> Num.Pad '8'
PgUp -> Num.Pad '9'
Undo -> Del
Help -> Help

You can quit the emulator any time by holding down CTRL and Left-AMIGA.

As STonX is under GPL the full source text is included. You will
need vbcc V0.8+, GNU-make and the posix.lib linker library (Aminet
dev/c/vbcc_PosixLib.lha) to compile it.

STonX is published under the GNU Public License (GPL).
Please read the file COPYING for licensing informations.

Upload Date:Dec 19 2016
Size:1 MB
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