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Description:A backup program which features a MUI interface.
Developer/Porter:Hattemer & Stanchina
Short: The backup system V2.0 (OS3+ MUI3.8+ XPK muFS)
Author: krille@users.sf.net (Christian Hattemer) and Flavio Stanchina
Uploader: krille users sf net (Christian Hattemer)
Type: disk/bakup
Version: 2.0
Replaces: disk/bakup/BackMan*
Requires: OS3+ MUI3.8+
Architecture: ppc-morphos
Kurz: Das Backup System V2.0 (OS3+ MUI3.8+ XPK muFS)

This archive includes only the MorphOS binaries. Amiga 68k binaries will
follow later, volunteers wanted.

BackMan is a backup program which features a MUI interface or, for those
who don't like fancy user interfaces, a command line interface.

Some interesting features of BackMan are:

* it can compress your data using XPK libraries;
* it can backup Multiuser File System owner information;
* it can backup to virtually any media, including tape streamers.

All the usual features of a backup tool (file selection filters,
incremental backups, etc.) are of course available.

BackMan is open source and licensed under the GPL.
Visit the homepage at http://backman.sf.net/

About this release:

This is the first release of the MorphOS version. So keep in mind that there
might be compatibility issues left. Don't rely on BackMan for your backups
yet, it needs some more testing first. Getting this testing done is the
purpose of this release.

There is one known problem: When making backups to floppies using the
Catweasel MK II BackMan will start over at the end of the disk before asking
you to change it. But it will then find that this is already a backup disk
and ask you to change it now. If you know why this happens please tell me.

It also seems that multidisk.device gets confused when it sees a BackMan disk
and will not recognize any other disk until you reboot. This is a bug in

Changes since last release:

* Version 2.0 (16-Mar-04)

- BackMan went open source and has a new maintainer.

- MorphOS native port.

- Fixed problem with not being able to read tape backups properly.

- The speed display in the status window now shows the unit in the
right spelling.

* Version 1.6 (not released)

- Finally switched to GNU C/C++ compiler. A little bit of work.

- Reorganization of some internal structures gave a 5% to 10% speed gain.

- Several changes in the Configuration window:
* Added flag "Iconify after Start".
* New "Compare" tab.

- Added more keyboard control for the directory tree (<- and ->).

- The status window hides byte counts during a diff operation.

- New German translation from Christian Hattemer.

Upload Date:Dec 11 2016
Size:319 KB
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