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Description:View/encode Webp pictures + animations by Carsten Siegner.
Developer/Porter:Carsten Siegner
Short: View/encode Webp pictures + animations
Author: Carsten Siegner (carstensiegner@osnanet.de)
Version: 4.0

A Viewer for Webp pictures and animation and a WebP Encoder.
Encode a WebP animation from a image directory.

Usage per shell: MagicWebp WEBPPATH/A,WIDTH/N,HEIGTH/N,DIR/S:


MagicWebp ram:test.bmp 320 200 > Displays the image with the size 320 x 200.
MagicWebp work:Pics/image 800 600 dir > Create a preview anim with the size 800 x 600 from the dir and display it.

Or a doubleclick to open the gui.

Version 1.0:

+ First Public version

Version 2.0 beta:

Support of:
+ lossy and lossles compression
+ pictures with alpha chanal
+ animation
+ Drag'n Drop

Version 3.0:

+ Bugfixing
+ Encoding single pictures in any format supported
by reggea to Webp.

Version 4.0:

+ Encoding a WebP animation from a image directory.
+ Much more settings
+ Preview before encoding animations
+ Bugfixing alpha code
+ Display images/Animations with alpha correctly.
+ Buttons to controle the anim.
+ More shell options

Upload Date:Jul 26 2016
Size:1 MB
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