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Description:Last.fm scrobbler script by jPV^RNO.
Short: Last.fm scrobbler script
Author: jPV^RNO (jpv amigascne org)
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.3


A lua script to send Last.fm scrobbles via Universal Scrobbler web page
instead of having any local scrobbling code.

The UniScrobbler script is especially designed to be used with MorphOS's
Jukebox music player and it can output notifications to Magic Beacon.

Scrobbling can be disabled and enabled "on the fly".


Edit your Last.fm username and password in the config section of the script.
If you don't have Last.fm account yet, you can join at http://www.last.fm

I strongly advice that you should have a unique password in use in Last.fm
if you use this script, because all information is sent unencrypted to the
3rd party web site and there's no guarantee that it won't be seen by others.

The config section also contains some output options.

TCP: device must be mounted for the script. Either enable it in
S:user-startup or click "Mount" in the requester when it asks about it.


LuaX UniScrobbler.lua SEND <artist> <track> <album>
- Scrobbles a song information to Last.fm
- All arguments must be provided, and in correct order

LuaX UniScrobbler.lua DISABLE
- Disables scrobbling even if the script is run with SEND arguments
- State is saved to ENV: and ENVARC: to UniScrobbler_disable variable

LuaX UniScrobbler.lua ENABLE
- Enables scrobbling by removing UniScrobbler_disable variable

NOTE: Don't use the latest version of the script on MorphOS 3.7 or older.
An older script is provided in the archive too, if you for some reason
don't want to update to the latest MorphOS.


1) Copy UniScrobbler.lua to SYS:S/

2) Insert in Jukebox Settings -> Execute command on events -> Track ends:
MOSSYS:C/LuaX S:UniScrobbler.lua SEND "%ar%" "%t%" "%al%"

3) Make sure that played MP3 files have working ID3 tags for artist and
track names


1.0 (22.03.2014) - Public version
1.1 (24.05.2014) - Fixed TCP write mode. Old version won't work with
MorphOS 3.6 and higher. Update while you remember :)
1.2 (14.12.2014) - Small fix to URL encoding
1.3 (16.05.2015) - Better URL encoding for MorphOS 3.8 and later.
Don't use this on MorphOS 3.7 or older!



If you want to express appreciation to the main tool which makes this script
possible, you can join to http://www.last.fm/group/Universal+Scrobbler group.
But give any feedback about this script directly to me, not into that group
or its author.

Upload Date:Jul 24 2016
Size:41 KB
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