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Description:AmiNetRadio plugin for oldschool game music by Mahendra Tallur.
Short: AmiNetRadio plugin for oldschool game music
Author: Mahendra Tallur
Version: 1.0

Library for playing oldschool game music formats, with AmiNetRadio plugin
(Nintendo .nsf, Super Nintendo .spc, GameBoy .gbs, Sega Master System .vgm,
Sega Megadrive .gym, Atari ST .ym .sc68, Amiga .sc68, PC Engine .hes, PC .mid)

This library is just a wrapper to the following libraries, making use
of CISC & itix library skeleton. It is released under the LGPL licence.

- STSound by Arnaud Carr� (authorization obtained to use it in non-GPL software)
that support Atari ST .ym music files.
- sc68 by Benjamin G�rard (authorization obtained to use it in non-GPL software)
that support Atari ST and Amiga sc68 music files.
- Game Music Emu Library by Shay Green (LGPL), that supports Nintendo Gameboy, NES,
Super NES, Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive music (nsf, spc, gbs, vgm, gym).
- libtimidity (LGPL) that support MIDI music (mid).
- HesPlay by Charles Mac Donald that supports PC Engine music (hes).

Note : libtimidity requires some GUS compatible patches (instruments). The archive GerontoLibrary_TimidityPatches.lha contains the eawpatches 1.2 by Eric A. Welsh. You may find it on http://mahen.free.fr/geronto. There is an installer script in each archive.

Please have a look at the Readme.txt in the archive for developers information.
Please also visit http://mahen.free.fr/geronto for more information.

22/09/2005 : fixed some install scripts and a few issues

Upload Date:Jul 15 2016
Size:2 MB
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