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Description:A MUI KeyMap editor for MorphOS.
Developer/Porter:Vladimir Javorskij
Short: MUI KeyMap editor for MorphOS
Author: jvovka@belnet.ru
Uploader: jvovka belnet ru
Version: 1.1


This is keymap editor for MorphOS.
You can contact to the author by <jvovka@belnet.ru>
Thanks for testing.


18-11-2004 Fixed values greater 255.
Press key show in keymap list.
Qualifier changing fixed.

04-10-2004 Keymap List now uses NList class.

19-09-2004 Added simple->dead key convertion.

18-09-2004 Fixed bug in strings/dead display in KeymapList.
Added Hex_Mode to KeymapList.
Added hot-key-edition mode (you can choose key to edit by press on).

15-09-2004 Fixed bug with simple->string key convertion.

13-09-2004 Strings list changed to Keymap full list.

12-09-2004 Added about window.

04-09-2004 Added edition on DEAD keys.
Changed GUI.
Fixed refresh on disable/enable ASCII on key.

22-08-2004 Added ElF - KeyMap Exchanger support.
Fixed bug with string edition.

28-07-2004 Added dead->simple key convertion.
Some protect for bad keymaps.

27-07-2004 Added NOP-class for keys (thanks to Scf).
Corrected Cherry keyboard (thanks to Andrei Shestakov)

25-07-2004 Added string<->simple key convertion.

18-07-2004 Fixed bug with edit state.
Fixed Cherry keyboard with backslash thanks to Andrei Shestakov.
Fixed bug with '' parsing while stringkeys edit thanks to Morgoth.
Fixed ANSI view for deadble keys.

17-07-2004 Fixed bug with deadable key release (draw method).
Added deadable keys editor.

16-07-2004 Added capsable/repeatable edit.

15-07-2004 Now saves deadkeys.

11-07-2004 Added cherry 105 keys keyboard.

03-07-2004 Added extern keyboards support.

30-06-2004 Added marks of deadkeys.

12-06-2004 Fixed bug in string-keys edition.

09-06-2004 Fixed some tiny bugs.

06-06-2004 Some changes in GUI.
Make possible to edit keys up from cursors.

03-06-2004 Total remake. All hook calls are removed. MCC used instead.

30-05-2004 Some changes in GUI.
Fixed hits on loading some keymaps.
Added grab function in keymap-resource list.

28-05-2004 Start to make documentation and history list.
Added strings list window.

-- "As It Began" --
xx-xx-2004 Initial vertion powered by Henes =)
Keyboard like GUI.
Load/Edit/Save keymaps (simple keys and strings keys only).


Nicolas Sallin ( Henes )
Marcin Kurek ( Morgoth )
Andrei Shestakov
Vlad Vinogradov ( Vinnny )
Vladimir Alaev ( Scf )
Vladimir Berezenko ( Q-Master/MiR )
Andrei Parfenov ( Levitator )
DET Nicolas
to ALL #morphos visitors and members of the AmiRUS team.

Upload Date:Jul 14 2016
Size:80 KB
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