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Description:Rip AudioCD to Ogg Vorbis, MP3 or raw PCM by jah.
Short: Rip AudioCD to Ogg Vorbis, MP3 or raw PCM
Author: jah

ripper 2.5

big thanks to Antibike, Zefram, Sas
and Foxone for his good mood and whitout whom nothing would append
and all those i forgot and who crashed for me like Batteman, Falcon, Lord, Mahen...

drawer icon : Jobbo
ripper icon : Foxone (100% morphos-only creation)
default skin and sasskin#? : *S*a*s* (100% morphos-only creation)

install: copy vorbisfile.library to libs: and possibly mp3lame.library
images/ subdir must be in same location as ripper executable ripper.prefs
preference file will be save here to

This software is unfinished it can evolve according to the users wishes.
please avoid email, send your messages directly on irc(arnet) to jah,
everything is logged.
If you really need my email addresse exchange the first point of the url
by @

mp3lame.libray: its a lgpl library, modifications are really unimportant thats
why i didnt bother to supply the source but of course you can get it on
lame fft algorithmes may be illegal in usa due to patents
ripper can work without this library.
this version is based on lame 3.95.1, rumors tell most recent versions have
some quality problems...
if you know a faster version or a better quality one please report

buttons: .mim files are png files with 2 states of the image
this kind of picture/object stay in mui cache, unfortunately you have to
reboot to see changes(files are locked so if you dont cheat you shouldnt
even encouter the problem, just reboot and change buttons before starting
i hope this will be fixed in next mui release or perhaps i will switch to
another button class

"set cd speed to" is a kind of noise killer, for example :mp3 encoding is
so slow that your cd drive dont need to spin at 50x.
! not all drives support all speeds, selecting an unsupported speed can
result to a random speed or no speed change at all, infos about speed are
displayed on serial output

converting mp3->ogg or ogg->mp3 is really unadvised for obvious reasons

aiff files store tag informations for a later encoding with ripper

frequency of output files are always the same as the sources

ripper always overwrite files, if you use the "autorip" mode its strongly
advised to enable the subdir option

tested drives:
yamaha crw-f1
plextor ultraplex 40max
DVD-ROM SD-M171200410/07/02 (toshiba?)

sorry , doc was not updated

Upload Date:Jul 01 2016
Size:489 KB
Last Comments
15 Nov 2020
Just use Flacapella, which is still maintained and works better generally (no hits etc).
Bernd Assenmacher
14 Nov 2020
really nice app. :)

the "Titles" button does not work anymore as freedb did shutdown.