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Description:WallGet is a GUIfied and extended adaption of the download manager WGet.
Developer/Porter:Marcin Kwiatkowski

- fixed http auth code
- fixed losing urls from list
- added non real-time updating download list (now list could be updated in real-time or once on 0.1, 0.2, ... , 2s - speed up program on slow configs, or during massive downloads)
- added speed-o-meter
- added locale support
- custom join and copy functions
- fixed lots of bugs in segmented download (should be stable now)
- fixed not deleting profiles for disk
- added option for coping profiles
- replaced custom toolbar function with TheBar.mcc
- url's in lister longer than 50 chars are now optionaly cutted to 50 chars
- thousand and dec sperators are now taken from locale
- fixed bugs in creating files during recurisve download
- added option to hide file name, download info, donwload gauge and speed-o-meter fields
- looots of other bugfixes

- fixed crashing during prefs parsing

- once again changes in AREXX (look at arexx.txt)
- added graphic progress meter of download
- added some graphic (MOS only)
- convert every %xx code in file name to it's equivalent in ASCII code
- saving url list to disk
- now uses memory pools when it's possiable
- changed downloading of updates (when WallGet find new version it opens normal download window with url to new version - it's not automaticaly started)
- rewritten program core
- added support for multiwindow
- added support for multiple configurations
- added support for operating with program by keyboard
- TSTAA (The Same Thing As Always ;) - lots of bugfixes

- name changed to WallGet
- chaneged name of ARexx port - look at test.rexx
- completly rewritten clipboard code (it's expected now to work on classic amiga)
- lots of bugfixes

- small bugfixes
- general code speed-up and clean-up
- extended ARexx port
- added saving url in file comment
- added automagicaly update
- added drag&drop support for files
- rearanged add url window
- fixed joining files in segmented download
- fixed filenames showing
- added adding files to list without starting download process
- yet another clipboard code bugfix
- fixed freezing download proces, when program is run from device with space in name (f.e. Ram Disk:)
- added simple download queue
- added starting and stoping download process

- a lot of small bugfixes ;)
- added experimental segmented downloading support (only in http:// for now)
- added ARexx port (only one command for now - look at test.rexx)

- a lot of small bugfixes
- fixed proxy code
- assign WGetGUI is no longer needed
- fixed local prefs
- fixed hits in history
- support for nearly all wget signals (Sigs.txt is no longer needed)
- added 1 option ;)

- a lot of bugfixes (for example: fixed ugly bug in clipboard support code, or in prefs saving)
- changed prefs saving
- changed method of adding urls
- added history to every download
- added strings for FTP user&pass
- added more signals

0.3.0 - initial public realase

Upload Date:Jun 05 2016
Size:717 KB
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