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Description:A tool to salvage/repair IceFS partition.
Developer/Porter:Leif Salomonsson

IceDoctor 1.6 (2014.04.26)


Orphaned files recovery
Resizing volumes
Recover lost extents
Other notes
No warranty


Put libs/icedoctor.library in LIBS:

Put devs/job.device in DEVS:

IceDoctor needs icedoctor.key in DEVS: for salvage/repair
to work. IceDoctor can still be used to check partitions
without key, even display how fixed volume will look like.


o Repairs errors on volumes

o Salvage files from volumes

o Recovers orphaned files

o Optionally recovers deleted files (if possible)

o Resizes volumes if needed.


Select a partition in listview.

Press [Start scan] for a basic check of the fundamental
filesystem administration datas, or [Resume from backup]
to resume interrupted repair of a volume. A cycle gadget
labeled "IO error:" can be used to change how IO errors
are handled, normally just leave it to default.

Press [Continue scan] for a complete scan.
The "Recover lost extents" checkmark is described further
below under "Recover lost extents".

The scanning phases repairs the volume "in-memory" as it
progresses, nothing is yet written to disk, with the exception
of "unfinnished journalled operations" in the basic scan phase.

At end of complete scan, there will be atleast [Browse volume],
[Salvage all] and [Restart] buttons available. If there were
errors on volume additionally there will be [List modifications]
and [Update disk] buttons.

[Browse volume], will allow you to browse the contents of the
volume *as it will look like after being repaired*. Also selective
salvage of files to another partition can be done here. Only files/dirs
that are considered healthy/fixed are listed.

Note that salvage will salvage files from the *repaired* volume even
if the volume on disk should not yet have been updated.

[Salvage all] allows to salvage all healthy/fixed files on the volume
to any direcory of choice.

Pressing [Update disk] button will write down to disk the meta
changes needed to repair the volume. In other words:
The disk is never(*) modified until this button is pressed.
*: With the exception of an unfinnished journal, which will
get executed in the basic scan.

Orphaned files revovery

If IceDoctor finds orphaned files (files sitting on a branch of
the directory tree that has been broken off) it will automatically
place them in a ".orphanded" directory in the root of the volume.
If files with same names are stumbled upon, additional ".orphanedXXXX"
directories will be created as needed.

Resizing volumes

IceDoctor can also be used to resize volumes. Both shrink and expand
is supported. For shrinking, there must not be any filedata or metadata
at the end of the partition or IceDoctor will not perform the resize.
Change the partitions size in HDConfig and reboot. IceFS will put up
a requester about changed partition size, click [Abort]. Now start
IceDoctor and let it scan volume. The [Update disk] button should be
enabled at end of scan. Press it to perform changes.

Recover lost extents

Enabling the "Recover lost extents" option will make IceDoctor scan
the contents of free extents in order to find lost extents. This might
take a lot of time and may generate a lot of output in the log window.
It is not recomended to enable this option unless you want to recover
some files deleted by mistake. (Recovered deleted files will if
sucessfully restored, end up in the .orphaned#? directory). This option
will pretty much always result in meta modifications, even though there
might be no real errors on volume, therefore with this option enabled
it becomes hard to tell if there was any errors on volume. Also, this
option will output a LOT of text about broken stuff that it founds
(partial files from previous formats, deleted partially overwritten
files etc..). Don't worry about that though, only files that are
considered healthy will get reactivated (use [Browse volume] after scan
to see exactly what files are (or not) present on the to-be-fixed volume.
In most cases it is best to only use the salvage option here, to recover
the files of interest and then skip over the updating of the disk.

Other notes

IceDoctor will insist on installing a "filesys backup" (an invisible
piece of metadata put close to the end of the partition) onto any
volume created with IceFS _before_ 2.3, even if no real errors where
found. This is normal, and it is recommended to do this as it improves
the repairability of future errors on the volume (specifically in the
case of the beginning of the partition has been overwritten/corrupted).
There might be situations when the filesys backup will NOT be installed:
a) Partition contains meta/filedata at the end already,
or b) IceDoctor had to recreate the last extent because it was broken..
in this case running IceDoctor again will install the filesys backup.

The output from pressing [List modifications] button is not ment to
contain any user understandable information, it is there for debugging
purposes only, do not make any assumptions from its contents.

No warranty

There may be bugs or unforeseen interactions.
Use this software at your own risk.


1.6 (2014.04.26)

o Graphical bug in counter of log output fixed.

o Some smaller checks/fixes added.

o Erronus characters in filenames are fixed automatically now.
(everything below ascii 32 as well as ":" and "/" will be replaced
with ".". IceFileSystem already rejects creating filenames with
those characters btw).

o icedoctor.library bumbed to 1.7

o Selective salvage ("Browse volume.."):
Now displays expected space required for salvaged files as well as
space left in destination directory.

1.5 (2013.10.23)

o HITs at startup removed.

1.4 (2013.09.21)

o Updated to support new reserved area information from IceFS 2.10.

o Now works on offline partitions also.

o Minor cosmetic changes.

1.3 (2013.04.23)

o Less memory used when salvaging files.

o "Rebuilding reuse linkage" phase could freeze computer, fixed.

o Hard links were always seen as broken, fixed.

1.2 (2011.11.26)

o Files >4GB was wrongly reported broken, fixed.

o Smaller improvements.

1.1 (2011.07.09)

o Cosmetic and cleanup of log output,
less redudant/irrellevant info,
added some helpful info.

o Fixed and improved some repair routines.

o A short-key in browser mode was wrong, fixed.

1.0 (2011.05.17)

o Drives were inhibited when not really needed, fixed.

o Internal error requesters popping up with "recover lost extents"
option enabled, fixed.

o Cosmetic changes.

o Recycledir scanning/repair improved.

o Improved handling of broken entry names.

o Quit while scanning didn't work, fixed.

o Forgotten flush of meta changes, oops.. fixed.

o "Resume from backup" didn't work, fixed.

0.9 Beta 5 (2011.04.30)

o Fixes/improvements to directory rebuilding.

0.9 Beta 4 (2011.04.22)

o Cosmetics/GUI improvements.

o Orphan recovery failed for fienames longer than 36 chars, fixed.

o File salvage would stop salvaging a directory when file comment
was found, ouch! Fixed.

o Program icon by Patbest!

0.9 Beta 3 (2011.04.03)

o Added "Recover lost extents" scanning option.

o Modification date was not preserved when salvaging, fixed for real now.

o More readme additions/improvements.

o Hardlink improvements.

o Added option to ignore or auto retry IO errors.

0.9 Beta 2 (2011.03.31)

o Greatly improved scanning speed in some situations.

o IceDoctor in some situations repaired lots of meta
that wasnt really broke, fixed.

o Empty files could not get salvaged, fixed.

o Modification date was not preserved for salvaged files, fixed.

o Salvaging in general has been optimised to be faster.

o Cosmetic changes.

o Readme additions/improvements.

0.9 Beta 1 (2011.03.25)

o First public release.


Homepage: http://blubbedev.net/icefs/doctor.html
Email: dev at blubbedev net

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