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Description:AHX and HVL ripper
Developer/Porter:Fabrizio Bartoloni
Short: AHX and HVL ripper
Author: Peter Gordon, Morphos port by Fabrizio "Lanch" Bartoloni
Uploader: lanch tiscali it (Fabrizio Bartoloni)
Type: mus/misc
Version: 1.0
Architecture: ppc-morphos

AHX and HVL ripper 1.0

By Xeron/IRIS (pete@petergordon.org.uk)

Just a little tool i wrote to rip all the tunes out of "Sound of the

Just pass it the name of the file that you suspect contains AHX or HVL
files and it'll rip any valid ones it finds. If it finds a valid songname
it'll use it for the filename, otherwise you'll just get a name like
"00001.ahx" or "00002.hvl".

Enjoy :)
Upload Date:Dec 25 2020
Size:8 KB
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