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Description:Very light version of FluidSynth designed to be hardware, platform and external dependency independant. Port by BeWorld/BSzili
FluidLite (c) 2016 Robin Lobel

FluidLite is a very light version of FluidSynth designed to be hardware,
platform and external dependency independant. It only uses standard C libraries.

It also adds support for SF3 files (SF2 files compressed with ogg vorbis) and
an additional setting to remove the constraint of channel 9 (drums):
fluid_settings_setstr(settings, "synth.drums-channel.active", "no");
you can still select bank 128 on any channel to use drum kits.

FluidLite keeps very minimal functionnalities (settings and synth),
therefore MIDI file reading, realtime MIDI events and audio output must
be implemented externally.
Upload Date:Feb 12 2021
Size:169 KB
Last Comments
15 Jun 2021
You can find "GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2" on bePlayer archive, this soundfount has a size of 32 Mo, so need 32Mb of memory.
But you can use a lot of Soundfile (.sf2).
15 Jun 2021
I now realise, from comments beworld (Bruno Peloille) made on Morph-Zone, that the v2.3.0git version does not relate to FluidSynth/FluidLite, but to the version of ScummVM on MorphOS-Storage (here) and I believe the FluidSynth/MIDI feature is enabled in this version, it just requires some SoundFonts - which would be handy to have some SoundFont file(s) on here for that purpose, ideally ones that have been tested to work as expected with the MorphOS version of ScummVM. :)
14 Jun 2021
So what do you do with the Makefile.morphos in the FluidLite archive. I had expected to find an executable or file that can readily be placed in the ScummVM game folder that relates to a game that is supported by FluidSynth/FluidLite to be able to be used without doing any program compiling, or am I missing something in the archive? You mention v2.3.0. GIT of FluidSynth/FluidLite (on MorphZone) - but where is that package to download - a weblink would be good/beneficial/make it easier to figure out what is required, including a step-by-step guide of how to download, complete the Makefile procedure, and set it up.