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Description:Soft audio synthetiser for MIDI
Developer/Porter:Antoine Dubourg
Short: Soft audio synthetiser for MIDI
Uploader: tcheko@no-log.org (Antoine Dubourg)
Author: tcheko(at)no-log.org (Antoine Dubourg)
Type: mus/play
Version: 1.2
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 3.15
Replace: FrozenLiquid-1.1.lha

FrozenLiquid allows MIDI playback without any
physical MIDI enabled devices.

Audio synthesis is now provided by FluidSynth-Lite
instead of FluidLite. The CPU usage has been
greatly reduced allowing more complex MIDI songs
to be played. It still requires a fast CPU

o - Installation & Requirements

No installer required. Just copy FrozenLiquid to C:

FrozenLiquid relies on CAMD for MIDI processing and
Reggae for audio playback.

FrozenLiquid also requires what's called a 'soundfont',
which is a container for sound samples. Only SF2 version
is supported for the time being.

A 'fast' CPU is advised: software audio synthesis isn't
a cheap operation at all.

A serious amount of RAM is also required depending on the
soundfont used.

o - FrozenLiquid Usage

FrozenLiquid File/A

FrozenLiquid will try to load the soundfont provided under
the File argument.

o - Theory of Operation

Once the soundfont is successfully loaded, FrozenLiquid will
setup two system components:
- A CAMD MIDI cluster named against the filename
- A custom Reggae class that will feed an audio.output

Sending MIDI events to FrozenLiquid MIDI cluster will trigger
the FluidLite audio synthesis.

Due to the current design, all MIDI events are quantized to
AHI audio buffer size which default to 20ms which can be
somewhat audible.

o - Supported MIDI events

Following CAMD MIDI events are currently supported and sent
to FluidLite audio synthesis API:
- MS_NoteOn
- MS_NoteOff
- MS_Prog
- MS_Ctrl
- MS_ChanPress
- MS_PitchBend
- MS_PolyPress

o - Multiple instances

Multiple instances of FrozenLiquid can operate simultaneously.
That is, loading two different soundfonts will instanciate
two CAMD MIDI clusters.

o - Usage Example

Playing a MIDI song.

1. Setting up FrozenLiquid

Sys:> FrozenLiquid myfavoritesoundfont.sf2

2. Playback a MIDI song file with MorphOS PlayMidi command

Sys:> PlayMIDI midisong.smf myfavoritesoundfont.sf2

o - Bugs

- MIDI quantization
Due to the internal design, all MIDI events are quantized to
20ms quantum which is a 'bit' large time slice.

o - Future

- None at the time being. Ask for feature.

o - Acknowledgments

My warn thanks to BeWorld for providing port of FluidLite.
Those sources are freely available on morphos-storage.net.

o - Licences

FrozenLiquid makes use of FluidLite which is LGPL. No modifications
have been made to the original work. FrozenLiquid is built against
a statically linked FluidLite archive.
Upload Date:Apr 02 2021
Size:246 KB
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