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Description:Knights & Merchants Demo - e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment.
Developer/Porter:Epic Interactive
Knights & Merchants Demo - e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment Thank you for trying the this demo for MorphOS! IMPORTANT NOTES --------------- The Demo version of Knights & Merchants for PC was based on a Beta version of the game and was available many months before the final game was released. We discovered that there were some changes to the game engine in between the Demo and the Release versions so this means the Demo is slightly incompatible with the latest source code. It would have taken a long time to create a new demo version; simply restricting it to one mission was not an option because none of the missions are suitable as an introduction to new players. You will notice at least two problems with the demo. The first problem is some of the graphics in some parts of the map look out of place. This is where the map format had changed slightly. The second problem is the Tutorial Mission will never end. This means you should be able to play for as long as you want, the only way to end the game is to quit the mission. There may be more problems with this demo level and I'm even surprised it works as well as it does. I'm sure you'll admit, it's better to have this slightly problematic demo than no demo at all. The full version does not have any of these problems! SUPPORT ------- info@epic-interactive.com Please Visit the e.p.i.c. Interactive Homepage for news of the latest e.p.i.c. games and developments:- http://www.epic-interactive.com -- Paul Burkey - March 1st 2003 e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh http://www.epic-interactive.com
Upload Date:Jun 11 2016
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