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Description:LCD game conversion
Developer/Porter:Anbjorn Myren
Short: LCD game conversion
Author: anbjorn.myren@gmail.com (Anbjorn Myren)
Uploader: anbjorn myren gmail com (Anbjorn Myren)
Type: game/wb
Version: 1.1
Architecture: ppc-morphos

v1.1 - Online high score list edition
v1.0 - First aminet release

Fire Attack is a remake of the LCD game made by Nintendo.
The pupose of the game is to prevent the attackers to set the fort on
fire. To do this the cowboy must use his hammer to hit the torches or
the attackers in time.

For controlling the player, use the onscreen buttons or keyboard.
Keyboard mappings:
1 or Game A button = Start Game A
2 or Game B button = start Game B
S or the Alarm button = Toggle sound effects
F = Toggle the window border.
A = Turn on/off the alarm.
E. D, P, L or directional buttons = Control the player position, and
pressing again will swing the hammer.
SPACE or Time button = Prompts you to set the alarm or show the About
If the game is running this key/button will toggle PAUSE.
ACL button = Display all sprites on screen and prompt to clear

Just unpack the archive to any location and run it.

Minumum 68020, gfx card and lots of ram.

How to play:
To start the game, select game type by pressing the A or B button.
The player will start by default at the upper left position.
Use the movement buttons to move the Cowboy to wherever the attackers
are coming, and press the same key again to use the hammer. Hitting a
touch or an attacker is 2 points.
The game speed will increase up to every 100 points and then slow down.
At 200 and 500 points a fanfare will sound and the misses will be
cleared. If you have no misses at this point, the CHANCETIME will be
activated for 50 seconds. In this period the score will blink and you
are rewarded 5 points for each hit.
In Game A the attackers will come from up to 3 directions at once.
In Game B they can come from all 4 directions at once, there will also
be more attackers and a higher game speed in game B.

New in this version is the online top 10 highscores.
In addition the feature can be used to have a local top 10 list.
See Serverconfig.Readme for how to enable local mode.

The source for the graphics are screenshots from a youtube video
showing the Mame version of the game, by Lee Robson (hydef).
The fire alarm is sampled from youtube, others are from wavsource.com,
and the rest are made with the Bfxr sound generator.
Upload Date:May 19 2021
Size:3 MB
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