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Description:Old-fashioned text adventure game
Developer/Porter:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Old-fashioned text adventure game
Author: "GeekOnSkates"
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: game/text
Architecture: ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos

# Darkest Hour

## Overview

This is an old-fashioned text adventure game, hopefully the first of many.

Game made by GeekOnSkates: http://www.geekonskates.com/games/

Blogpost with screenshots: https://lunduke.substack.com/p/new-spooky-multi-retro-platform-text

## Story

Halloween is almost here, but something is happening that's much scarier
than the annual haunted house at the fire hall. There are rumors of a
vampire - a real one - attacking people at night. Of course most people
think it's just silly; who wouldn't? But people are going missing, and
others swear they've seen it. It's up to you to track down this vampire,
stop it if possible. The question is, will you even survive the night?

## Downloads

[**Downloads**](https://github.com/xet7/darkesthour/tree/main/Original) <==== HERE

Game binaries by [@GeekOnSkates](https://github.com/GeekOnSkates):

- Apple II
- C64
- Commodore PET, with 40 columns of text
- Commodore PET, with 80 columns of text
- Plus4
- Windows 32bit
- Windows 64bit
- Linux x64

Game binaries by [@xet7](https://github.com/xet7):

- AmigaOS3
- Linux. These usually work for any Linux distro for that CPU, like Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, etc:
- arm64, for arm64 servers and RasPi3/RasPi4 arm64 distros like Raspberry Pi OS 64bit and Ubuntu
- s390x, for IBM Z-Series mainframes
- ppc64el, for OpenPower
- macOS Big Sur:
- arm64
- x64

## How to play

1. Download the version that matches the type of computer you're using. The different versions can be found in the "bin" folder.
2. If you're on an 8-bit computer, load the file; if you're on Windows, double-click it or press Enter on it; if you're on Linux, you know what to do. :)
3. From here, it's all about the keyboard. You play by typing stuff. To send an instruction to the game, type a letter or number and then press Enter (Return). The game comes with complete instructions on what to do from there.

## A note about the Apple 2 disk

On the Apple 2, instead of pressing Return, you may have to press Space a
bunch of times after typing a command. This is due to a bug in the C
compiler I used that only affects the Apple 2. I tried several different
ways to fix it, but none have worked. But the game does run on my Apple 2
emulator, that minor catch aside.

## Source

[At this repo directory: Source](https://github.com/xet7/darkesthour/tree/main/Source). There is darkest-hour.c that works on all platforms.

Some compilers at directory [Source/Archive](https://github.com/xet7/darkesthour/tree/main/Source/archive), some can be installed with
`make deps`. See [Makefile](https://github.com/xet7/darkesthour/blob/main/Source/Makefile).

Building only Linux: `make linux`

Building all: `make all`

Binaries built mostly on Linux Mint x64, using compilers and
crosscompilers. Linux binaries for arm64/s390x/ppc64el were built on Linux
servers donated to [Wekan Open Source kanban](https://wekan.github.io)
project by CNCF/Linux Foundation, IBM LinuxOne Community Cloud, OpenPower
MiniCloud and MacStadium.

# License

This game is in the public domain (see [the Unlicense](http://www.unlicense.org) or the source code for the full legalese).

Upload Date:Oct 31 2021
Size:27 KB
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