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Description:Octamed SoundStudio, now Freeware
Developer/Porter:Teijo Kinunnen
Short: Octamed SoundStudio, now Freeware
Author: Teijo Kinunnen, teijo.kinunnen@oulu.fi
Uploader: Jeroen van Aart, amorel xs4all nl
Type: mus/edit
Version: 1.03c
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Requires: Maestrix Reloaded 2.0

This is Octamed SoundStudio_1.03c as supplied on CU_Amiga coverdisk 152.
This version is after December 1998 FREEWARE as stated in the program
itself. Read the startup notice and the about docs.

This is an excellent program and deserves to be supported. Developments
for the Amiga version are still ongoing, check for more information:


At the moment I`m not aware of any copyright violations concerning this
upload. But as I said, this should be 100% legal.

Check http://www.xs4all.nl/~amorel for modules made with Octamed and more.


Upload Date:Nov 21 2021
Size:732 KB
Last Comments
25 Nov 2021
@Morphun: normally, now it's free distribuable, i see that in the readme file
24 Nov 2021
Papiosaur and Cool_AmigaN - please bear in mind the COPYRIGHT notice in the program, and that by changing "healing" the program directly and distributing it here that you don't conflict with the wording in it, which states "OctaMED Soundstudio is NOT public domain or freely distributable. It is a © copyrighted program, which is available only directly from RBF Software or officialy registered/contracted companies licenced with RBF Software. Just thought I ought to mention that for all to be aware of !
You are not allowed to distribute/pass on OctaMED in any way."
24 Nov 2021
Cool_AmigaN: i will do that today ;-)
22 Nov 2021
Hey, thanks Morphun for the short explanation, now it works here as well. Didn't even look inside Morphos drawer on the Maestrix Reloaded archive, thought that after hitting the install script and rebooting Octamed should work automatically. Imo, this archive should be reuploaded with the already patched binary for Morphos and the Maestro Pro 16 bit setting on the mixing as default,so it can be easier for everybody.
Chris, The Highlander
22 Nov 2021

Sooo cool to user OctamedSS on MorphOS (instead of asthmatic UAE)
I simply install MaestrixReloaded, patched Octamed binary file, once launched, selected "MaestroPro 16-bit" as Mixing mode and plaaaaay =)
22 Nov 2021
After you have swapped/renamed the OctaMED.prefs file, then don't forget to run the Maestrix Reloaded MorphOS OctaMEDIC utility to "heal" the SoundStudio> OctaMED (250.1KB), or one of the other supported OctaMED files that have been released that are supported by it, so you get a replacement file, named "OctaMED" (no surprise there!) and the original is then shown/saved as OctaMED.dead -> R.I.P. :D
22 Nov 2021
install Maestric Reloaded 2.0
install Octamed then read instruction in Maestrix Reloaded guide to change Octamed prefs.
Same here
22 Nov 2021
It immediately crashes the system. I ran The Maestrix before, then started OctamedSS. Snoopium says it tries to load the maestix.library but cannot. So I gave it to OSS. Still crashes. Snoopium also reported that it loads a font but cannot find it. I could not read the name of the font because OSS immediately opens in full screen so the Snoopioum window cannot be seen anymore.
21 Nov 2021
System freeze as well (mos 3.15 / Pmac G4) :/
21 Nov 2021
Use this to "mend" the program: https://www.morphos-storage.net/?id=1690664
21 Nov 2021
Freeze here :-(

(on MacMini G4 / MorphOS 3.15)