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Description:MorphOS Port of sdlquake (Quake I) - Source and Binary (gcc)
Short: sdlquake-MOS 1.0.9
Author: ID Software
Uploader: IKE (ike ezcyberspace com)
Type: game/shoot
Version: 1.0.9
Requires: Quake .PAK files
Architecture: ppc-morphos

This is a recompile for MorphOS of sdlquake I ported some time ago to AmigaOS 68k.

Send email/feedback to: ike@ezcyberspace.com

Thanks! IKE


Just place your .PAK files in the 'id1' folder. They must be located in this folder
for the program to find them and run.
Running Quake:

Type this in a Shell:

stack 500000

or double click on the icon...

Requires networking to be running for game to start...
Not Tested (but compiled in):

CD Music Support
Network Support/LAN games
Known Bugs:

1. It may be necessary to delete the config.cfg file out of the id1 directory
(once it's been created) if the program is not terminated properly.
As the program will hang while trying to find and load this file even though
it is present...
How to recompile:

1. compile all the c sources in the src directory as object files with the -c option

gcc -c *.c

2. build the binary and link to the required libraries

gcc *.o -lSDL -ldebug -lpthread -lm -o sdlquake-MOS

sdlquake-MOS - MorphOS binary
src - the source code for the MorphOS version
not-used - the docs, source code and files not used in the compile
id1 - directory to put your .PAK files
COPYING - the GPL license
README-MOS - ahh, this file
Compiled using: MorphOS DevKit 3.12, gcc 2.95.3 and Gabriele's SDL dev kit 1.2.6
Utilizes Peter McGavin's awinquake source, specifically, "snd_amiga.c"

Upload Date:Feb 29 2020
Size:2 MB
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