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Developer/Porter:Hyperion Entertainment
Short: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division demo version
Author: Monolith Productions/Hyperion Entertainment
Uploader: Thomas Frieden <ThomasF hyperion-software de>
Type: game/demo
Architecture: ppc-warpup

Welcome to the Demo of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, the long(!)
awaited, story driven first person shooter.

The demo of Shogo:MAD only offers a glimpse of the full game and
really doesn't do justice to the story-driven plot of the game. If you
come away from the demo with the idea that Shogo is just another first
person shooter, you are mistaking. Decisions you make during the game
will affect the development and outcome of the plot.

Hardware/Software requirements

- OS 3.0 or higher
- A PowerPC processor, supported by WarpUp (V5 recommended)
- A graphics card (no AGA supported)
- Warp3D V4 is required for hardware acceleration
- 64 MB of memory, at least 50 to 55 MB of free memory (more *highly* recommended)
- AHI for sound card support (direct Paula support also available)

A software-only renderer is available, but for speed reasons, it is recommended
to use 3D hardware acceleration on all 603 based systems.

Upload Date:Mar 30 2019
Size:36 MB
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