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Description:Return to Castle Wolfensten ported on MorphOS by Mark Olsen alias bigfoot.
Developer/Porter:Mark Olsen
Return to Castle Wolfensten for MorphOS release 1

System requirements:

A fast-ish CPU
A bunch of memory
900MB disk space

Unpack morphosrtcw.lha to your hard disk and doubleclick the 'Installer' icon.
The installation will begin automatically.

To complete the installation, you must have an original release of Return to
Castle Wolfenstein. The original Return to Castle Wolfenstein release, as well
as the Special Edition and Platinum Edition releases of Return to Castle
Wolfenstein are supported by the installer.

Double-click the 'Single Player' icon. After a couple of seconds, the intro
sequence will appear, and then the main menu. You should be able to make it
from there.

'Multiplayer' starts up the multiplayer mode of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
Multiplayer Return to Castle Wolfenstein is however pretty much dead, so I've
set up a Return to Castle Wolfenstein server of my own for those who want to
try that. The Return to Castle Wolfenstein server address is tunkki.dk.

Mark Olsen <bigfoot@private.dk> 06-Jul-2011

Upload Date:Jul 29 2016
Size:3 MB
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