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Description:All Libraries SDL 2.0.20 with SDK and extras files for MorphOS 3.16.
Developer/Porter:BeWorld, Szilárd Biró and Itix
SDL2 Libraries 2.0.20 Package for version 3.16 or higher of MorphOS system.

SDL2.LIBRARY 53.5 12.03.2022 based on SDL 2.0.20
SDL2_IMAGE.LIBRARY 53.3 12.03.2022 based on SDL2_IMAGE 2.0.6 GIT
SDL2_MIXER.LIBRARY 53.4 19.03.2022 based on SDL2_MIXER 2.0.4 GIT
SDL2_GFX.LIBRARY 53.1 12.03.2022 based on SDL2_GFX 1.0.4.
SDL2_TTF.LIBRARY 53.5 12.03.2022 based on SDL2_TTF 2.0.18 GIT
SDL2_NET.LIBRARY 53.1 12.03.2022 based on SDL2_NET 2.0.1 GIT

Simple DirectMedia Layer

What is it?
Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL/Direct3D/Metal/Vulkan. It is used by video playback software, emulators, and popular games including Valve's award winning catalog and many Humble Bundle games.

SDL 2.0 is distributed under the zlib license. This license allows you to use SDL freely in any software.



MorphOS version 3.16 is required to be installed as a minimum.

Just double-click on the Install icon and read the incremental instructions.

SDL2 MorphOS Features:

- WARNING : it's recommended that you have a 64/128 MB graphics video (if not, then it is advised that you disable "enhanced display" and reduce your screen resolution of Ambient)
- Window OpenGL support ! (Use with ScummVM, prBoom-plus, FBNeo, Doom3, SM64, OpenBOR, Hurricane, etc. ports)
- Joystick support for sensors.library - Most compatible with the Xbox360 controller (or hardware recognised as that controller type)

SDL2 MorphOS specific:

- SDL_GetBasePath : return "PROGDIR:" (not return a full absolute path with path separator (/) at end)
- Opengl renderer have some limitations related to the tinygl, examples: no overlay (need shaders/FBOs), no direct acces to textures (FBOs)

GameController Readme:

You can create your own mapping file for any joystick (gamecontrollerdb.txt) : check directory controller map
Specific to MorphOS, you can put this file in your ENVARC. Then any game can use it! Then there's no need to put this file in indiviual game directories.

A MorphOS community sourced database of game controller mappings can be used that have SDL2 Game Controller functionality,
which is available here : https://github.com/BeWorld2018/gamecontrollerdb.txt
Please don't hesitate to participate in adding to this database, so kindly send me your working mapping(s) to add to our database. Thanks !


Thanks to Ilkka Lehtoranta for his sources code (SDL2 2.0.3 and SDL2_image 2.0.0).
Thanks to Szilard Biro (BSzili) for his help and his major contribution.
Thanks to all members of MorphOS Teams for their patience with me and their indispensable help.
Thanks to all testers and developers (for libs and contributes)

Feel free to contribute.

SDL2: use to signal any new bugs : https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL/issues
SDL2 sources are available on my github: https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL/tree/morphos
SDL2_image sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_image
SDL2_mixer sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_mixer
SDL2_gfx sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_gfx
SDL2_net sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_net
SDL2_ttf sources are available on https://github.com/BeWorld2018/SDL_ttf

Upload Date:Mar 19 2022
Size:17 MB
Last Comments
21 Mar 2022
MorphOS 3.16 fix a lot of thing, so SDL2 is better with it and dont whant to support older version of MorphOS and SDL2... no time.
You can use SDL 2.0.20 with MorphOS 3.15 minimun but you need to install libs manually.

Better other is upgrade MorphOS installation...

SDL 2.0.16 installation exist if you need older version :-)
20 Mar 2022
I have udpated to v3.16, but some users might want to use an older MOS version for whatever reason, and if SDL 20.0.20 ONLY works with v3.16 then it's useless to users with older systems that haven't or can't be updated, which is why I asked the question.

If the SDL v20.0.20 libraries work with v3.xx of MorphOS, just some games NEED MorphOS v3.16 then that's fine with me. It's just that I understood from what you said, that this release of SDL v20.0.20 NEEDS v3.16 of MorphOS to run. If that's not the case then the wording might need to be changed? 8-)

P.S. I meant to ask many times, but why is there no edit or preview option to view a comment, before you make it, and then can't change/edit it?
20 Mar 2022
SDL2 requires at least version 3.16.
I recommand you to update Morphos :-)

But i think this version of SDL2 working with MorphOS 3.15.
20 Mar 2022
Do you still have available on MorphOS Storage the earlier versions of the SDL libraries for those MorphOS users who want to just use the older MorphOS systems, or use them to compare them to the later/latest library releases?
13 Mar 2022
You are right, MorphOS 3.16 is required to take full advantage of SDL 2.
I edit readme file and install script. Thanks
13 Mar 2022
The most important comment worthy of mention in the file's ReadMe, seems to me to be to warn the user intending to install the SDL 20.0.20 Libraries that it requires v3.16 - BEFORE any installation is committed to. So ideally a comment in the installation script to generate this information to a user before they commit to install it on a MorphOS system that is lower than <v3.16. Maybe also a comment to this effect at the very TOP of the ReadMe as well that is displayed on the page for the file on MorphOS Storage, as it is not obvious as it is at this stage.