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Description:A clone of MirrorCopy by Jan Hendrik Schulz, MorphOS port by Leif Salomonsson.
Developer/Porter:Leif Salomonsson
short: MirrorCopy
uploader: dev blubbedev net
author: Leif Salomonsson
type: util/dir
version: 2.5
architecture: ppc-morphos >= 1.4.5

MirrorCopy 2

What ?

- A clone of MirrorCopy by Jan Hendrik Schulz.

Additionally it has a few more options, supports
soft links properly, is MorphOS native and supports
64bit file sizes.

Requirements !

- MorphOS 2.x

Usage !


Create exact mirror of a directory:

MirrorCopy <source> <dest> ALL

The options:


. - Source directory


- Destination directory


- With this option subdirectories will be part of
the operation.


- Print out affected entries and the operation on them.


- Be quiet.


- Do not delete any entries from destination, even if
they do not exist in source.


- Put deleted files in this directory instead of deleting them.
Deleted diectories will be moved with all sub files/dirs intact.
Note: DELDIR must be on same volume as destination.


- Put overwritten files in this directory instead of overwriting
them. Note: OLDDIR must be on same volume as destination.


- If used, only files matching this pattern will be copied
to destination. Does not affect what entries are deleted!


- If used, only directories matching this pattern will be
copied/scanned. Does not affect what entries are deleted!


- Use different buffer size for read/write of file data.
Default is 128kb.


- Use together with DELDIR/K and/or OLDDIR/K to automatically
create a subfolder in DELDIR/OLDDIR named after current date,
where files will be placed instead.

New options in version 2:


- With this option, soft links are never copied at all. They
will still be removed from destination if not existing in
source though.

Note: Original MirrorCopy does a few weird things here:
It treats soft links as directories, which has the effect
that instead of copy a link to destination it creates a
directory in destination, but much more dangerous though:
instead of deleting a link from destination it follows
the link and if it points to a directory it will delete
everything in it!.


- Hard links are normally copied like a file of its own.
With this switch, hard links are never copied at all.
(and never deleted from destination either, but can be
overwritten by different types of entries.)


- When using FILEPAT/K, a lot of dummy directories might
be created, that contains no actual files (but possibly
other dummy directories). Use this option to stop creation
of dummy directories.


- With this option, nothing is actually changed in either
destination/deldir/olddir directories. Useful to just
inspect what changes would happen before doing them.
Should be used with VERBOSE/S option.


- Do not create any new entries in destination.
(Updates/recreations/deletions of old entries may still happen).


- Do not recreate any files in destination.
(by recreating is ment one type of entry is overwritten
by another, like a file beeing overwritten by a directory).


- Do not update any entries in the destination.
(Deletions/creations of new entries may still happen).

New options in 2.1:


- This switch makes mirrorcopy ignore all files and dirs that begin
with a dot (.) AND are located in the root of either source
or destination directories. Normally used to disable mirroring
of .recycled dir for example.


- This switch tells mirrorcopy to continue on errors.
Note that only errors while modifying the destination
directory are affected. Errors while scanning source
or destination will still exit mirrorcopy.


Auto wrapping logfiles as supported by IceFS (and PFS i assume)
are copied like normal files for now. Use SRD/S option to skip
mirroring these files.

Who made it ?

Leif Salomonsson 2011-2016 [dev blubbedev net]

Thanks to

Christoph Poelzl for asking me to do it and supporting me
with nice donation :)


2016.06.14 - 2.5

Added more Ctrl-C checking.

2013.02.14 - 2.4

MirrorCopy doesnt exit on failed files anymore, returns 5 to shell instead.

User/group information did not get copied correctly, fixed.

2012.07.31 - 2.3

Update bug, when OLDDIR was not used AND new file was smaller than old. Fixed.

2012.06.02 - 2.2

Copying of write protected files had problems, fixed.

2012.05.03 - 2.1

Added SRD/S and CNT/S options.

Copying of individual file can be aborted with Ctrl-C now.

Problems with long paths on commandline fixed.

Read protected files in source directory no longer aborts mirrorcopy.

BUF/N option was interpreted as bytes when should be in kilobytes, fixed.

OLDDIR and DELDIR options now interprets name of directory relative to
destination directory, unless it contains ":".

Increased stacksize and added some missing buffer overrun checks.

2011.09.11 - 2.0

First public release.

Upload Date:Apr 05 2022
Size:12 KB
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