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Description:Record Mouse movements and clicks and display them.
Developer/Porter:Matthias Böcker
Short: Record Mouse movements and clicks and display them
Author: amigazeux@gmx.net (Matthias Böcker)
Uploader: amigazeux@gmx.net (Matthias Böcker)
Type: util/wb
Version: V1.3
Architecture: ppc-morphos >= 2.0.0
Website: http://amigazeux.net

MouseTracker is a Commodity.

MouseTracker basically records all the mouse movements and left, right,
middle, fourth, left double clicks and wheel movements of your mouse input
device, making it possible to visualise user activity for each screen

By pressing a hotkey or a button in the preferences editor, it will open an
overlay window on the screen the hotkey was pressed on. Created maps can be
saved by either another hotkey, a button in the preferences editor or from
the menu opened from the screenbar object that MouseTracker installs upon

There are two ways to visualise and save the recorded mouse moves and

Trackmap: The Trackmap displays all the tracked mouse moves and clicks
laid over the screen since the invokation time of MouseTracker
or it's last reset.

Heatmap: As the name suggests the Heatmap displays all the tracked mouse
moves (clicks are ignored) laid over the screen in a false
colour display. The heatmap palette can be changed to your
liking aswell.

MouseTracker can also display statistics regarding anything related to
mouse moves like distances moved and the number of mouse clicks done.
Stats can be displayed either per screen or combined for all screens.

Here is a small excerpt of changes in this version:
- Image format for saving can now be selected and isn't limited to PNG only.
Formats supported through Reggae are: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, ILBM, DEEP.

- Bug-fixes related to non-composited screens.

- Fixed mouse distance calculation which was severly broken.

- Will add its own screenbar object to the screen titlebar when started.
The screenbar object offers a popup menu with a couple of options (map
creation, go to prefs, go to stats) to chose from. Furthermore the
screenbar object displays the mouse position on the screen using a
sizeable dot.

- It is now possible to select the screen to generate an overlay or image
for from the prefs.

- Stats for individual screens are tracked now and can be selected in the
'Stats' tab for display.

- Sped up final HeatMap generation by about 300%.

- Sped up drawing of TrackMap and HeatMap by more than 1000%.

- Added MagicBeacon notification support when a a Track- or HeatMap has
been saved. Left clicking the notification will open the drawer the map
has been saved to while right clicking it will open the image itself in an
Ambient window.

For a complete list of all changes and bugfixes please have a look at

Bye bye

Upload Date:Jul 06 2022
Size:202 KB
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