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Description:A simple word-guessing application which has the Hungarian and Latin names of stars signs exercised in a playfull mode
Developer/Porter:Károly Nagy
This is a simple word-guessing application which has the Hungarian and Latin
names of stars signs exercised in a playfull mode. It helps you giving the
length of the names and showing the shape of the star constellation that you can
turn in the 3D space. Your goal is only pressing letters for tip! If you miss
then you loose a life from 5. If you hit then you get a point. If you guess the
name of the star then it comes the next and you get plus a life!

Using of the program:
SPACE or 1/2 or mouse left/right button or ENTER: go on the next screen
ESC: back to the previous screen


Sound effects presented by the program:
1. Amiga MOD(ule): Such a music is playing after executing the program in the
2. MP3: Such a music is playing at the description of the program, after the
3. MS ADPCM WAV: Such a music can be heared when we see the Hiscore list.

The "engine" is capable of handling these sound files as a uniform mode that you
can easily change one for the other music.

Graphical effects presented by the program:
1. Paralax starfield: namely it is a 7 level moving starfield in the background
in which the darker stars (far) moving slowly, the lighter stars (near) moving
fastly. This can be seen in the intro.
2. Characters: one part of the using character sets originated from the memory
of old computers (eg.: Commodore Plus/4: 8x8), but other character sets was
drawn by me (eg.: Blitter 16x16).
3. PNG: in the program such a picture can be seen in the intro where it is
turned by the "engine".
4. JPEG: such a picture can be seen in the background of the game description
after intro.
5. Text: fading in and fading out in the intro the details of the program is
fading in from the dark cosmos and fading out in it moving a random direction.
After the intro, the game description is unfolded by characters then passed away
from our eyes and appeared in English. In the hiscore the list of the names are
rocked in a gently way left-and-right while the names fadding in and out like a
strobe light.

More interesting things about the program:
1. Interactive-intro: in the intro, you can move forward or backward with
cursors in the stars constellation which Hungarian and Latin name can be showed
in the left-bottom corner of the screen.
2. During the game
a.) the words (which you should guess) move in a spiral curve sometimes speed
up, sometimes slow down,
b.) some stars are flashing,
c.) with the keys located in the right-bottom corner of the screen you can move
the constellation (with its cosmos) in the 3D space while trying to guess the
d.) I wanted to create falling stars, too, but it seemed not to want enough...
so it's back.

The Hiscore list:
1. 10 pages (100 names) and in that case you hit the score, you can type your
name only when you are the appropriate page (logically),
2. ...there are 2 kind, one is Hungarian and the other is Latin,
3. the program stores it on the system partition, because the image behaves like
a read-only CD.
Upload Date:Jul 17 2022
Size:5 MB
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